READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 3: Disaster in Blogland and Captain Atom’s “New” Costume

Danger and despair!  The blog faces a setback, but recovers in time to cover more of The Action Heroes Archives Vol. 2 with a startling development in Captain Atom’s early years!  Captain Atom gets new powers and a new costume, but was he more powerful before? Continue reading

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 2: More Captain Atom and Ted Kord AKA Blue Beetle!

Hot on the heels of Captain Atom’s adventures in The Action Heroes Archives Vol. 1, Max takes a running jump into reading Volume 2 of The Action Heroes Archives! More Captain Atom! Also covered is the first appearance of Ted Kord as the Blue Beetle. Continue reading

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 1: Captain Atom in Action Heroes Archives Vol. 1

The project begins! Max begins his reading journey through his Library with The Action Heroes Archives Volume 1 featuring the early Charlton exploits of Captain Atom by the legendary Steve Ditko! Check out the initial outing of this ongoing blog exclusively at! Continue reading