READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 5: The Death of Dan Garret! Plus the Ruthlessness of the Question!

Max continues to contend with the massive Action Heroes Archives Vol. 2!  This time out, he reads the story telling the fate of Dan Garret, the original Blue Beetle.  Not only that, there’s a Question story featuring behavior that arguably helped inspire Watchmen’s Rorschach!

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READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 4: More Action Heroes Vol. 2! Blue Beetle #1 & the Question! Captain Atom vs. Firey Icer!

Max continues through Action Heroes Archives Vol. 2 and comes to a real gem: the first issue of Blue Beetle starring Ted Kord and the first appearance of the mysterious Question!  He also faces possibly the WORST issue of the Silver Age Captain Atom! Read all about it, if you dare!
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READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 3: Disaster in Blogland and Captain Atom’s “New” Costume

Danger and despair!  The blog faces a setback, but recovers in time to cover more of The Action Heroes Archives Vol. 2 with a startling development in Captain Atom’s early years!  Captain Atom gets new powers and a new costume, but was he more powerful before? Continue reading