READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 12: Action Figure-o-rama and Finishing up the Adam Strange Archives!

Max waxes poetic about his action figure collection addiction and makes a new addition.  Also the end of The Adam Strange Archives Vol. 3 is covered, with Max taking a look at the wedding of Alanna and Adam Strange!  Plus, what’s the difference between Hawkman and a Manhawk?  Find out here! Continue reading

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 11: Unwrapping a Secret Society gift and Adam Strange Archives Vol. 3!

Max continues his rampage through the Adam Strange Archives and takes a huge chunk out of volume 3. Plus, a look at the Secret Society of Super Villains collections recently put out by DC Comics. Read Max rant and ramble about comics, and maybe learn a thing or two! Continue reading

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 9: Adam Strange Archives Vol. 2! Gotta catch that Zeta Beam!

Max cracks open The Adam Strange Archives Vol. 2 to learn more about the “Man of Two Worlds” and his between-planet-transport, the Zeta Beam.  Max covers continuity in the Adam Strange stories, and also takes a look at the love of Adam Strange and Alanna of Rann, who are often separated light years apart! Continue reading