READ MY LIBRARY Entry 53: New Crusaders Rise of the Heroes and Crusaders Legacy – Some Mighty Reading!

The Mighty Crusaders are arguably the least commercially successful super heroes ever.  They are also probably some of Max’s favorites. Thanks to Archie Comics, there are New Crusaders in town appearing first in New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes and then in New Crusaders: Legacy.  It’s a pretty mighty legacy to live up to, but these kids (and these two books) live up to their past­ mostly, but maybe not perfectly.  Believe me, in some cases that may be a good thing!  It’s a RMLB Double Header! Continue reading

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 6: The End of the Action Heroes Archives Vol. 2! The Final Silver Age Adventures of Captain Atom, Blue Beetle and the Question!

After much reading, writing and wrangling, Max comes to the end of The Action Heroes Archives Vol. 2 and reads the final Silver Age appearances of Captain Atom, Blue Beetle and the Question by Steve Ditko!  But what’s going on with these characters now? Continue reading