READ MY LIBRARY Entry 51: A Very Happy New Year of Comics!

Max emerges from obscurity to put some gas in the blog’s tank to wish everyone a Happy New Year and talk about how exciting 2014 is shaping up to be for the comics medium and how great it is to be a comic book fan right now. Continue reading

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 18: Enter Ambush Bug!

Finally finished with Adam Strange for now, Max continues his trek alphabetically with Ambush Bug, the crazy teleporting oddball character created by Keith Giffen.  Read on for a look at Ambush Bug’s earliest appearances to see how this character first splashed on DC’s scene back in the early 80s! Continue reading

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 16: The Rann-Thanagar War

Max follows the adventures of Adam Strange into the Rann-Thanagar War, where he teams up with Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Hawkwoman, and a bunch of non-hawk characters too like Captain Comet and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner! Read on to find out what’s so cool about this story. Continue reading

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 15: Adam Strange Planet Heist

Max continues on with reading the modern adventures of Adam Strange and digs into Adam Strange Planet Heist written by Andy Diggle and drawn by Pascal Ferry.  Find out why Max rates this book so highly among Adam Strange stories, and why you should check it out. Continue reading

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 14: Adam Strange Man of Two Worlds TPB

After reading all of Adam Strange’s Silver Age adventures, Max goes over the Adam Strange Man of Two Worlds trade paperback.  Does this modern tale hold up to the classics, or is it a dark reflection of those carefree stories from the Silver Age?  One way to find out… Continue reading

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 12: Action Figure-o-rama and Finishing up the Adam Strange Archives!

Max waxes poetic about his action figure collection addiction and makes a new addition.  Also the end of The Adam Strange Archives Vol. 3 is covered, with Max taking a look at the wedding of Alanna and Adam Strange!  Plus, what’s the difference between Hawkman and a Manhawk?  Find out here! Continue reading

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 11: Unwrapping a Secret Society gift and Adam Strange Archives Vol. 3!

Max continues his rampage through the Adam Strange Archives and takes a huge chunk out of volume 3. Plus, a look at the Secret Society of Super Villains collections recently put out by DC Comics. Read Max rant and ramble about comics, and maybe learn a thing or two! Continue reading

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 10: Adam Strange Meets the Justice League of America!

Max continues with The Adam Strange Archives now in Volume 2 and covers the historical first encounter between Adam Strange and the Justice League of America!  But how will Adam and the legendary super team survive a deadly encounter with an ultra powered Kanjar Ro?!? Check out this long entry with two days of reading plus Notes from Now! Continue reading

READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 9: Adam Strange Archives Vol. 2! Gotta catch that Zeta Beam!

Max cracks open The Adam Strange Archives Vol. 2 to learn more about the “Man of Two Worlds” and his between-planet-transport, the Zeta Beam.  Max covers continuity in the Adam Strange stories, and also takes a look at the love of Adam Strange and Alanna of Rann, who are often separated light years apart! Continue reading