Want to make sure that you get all of the comics your heart desires? Don’t want to miss a single issue, crossover, event or milestone? Then you need our Comic Subscription Service! You let us know what titles you’re interested in and we pull them aside from the weekly shipment and hold them for you to come and pick them up at your leisure. In addition, you also get a 15% discount on all purchases in the shop (with the exception of new Video Games and Movies). It’s just that easy! All we ask is that you pick up your comics on a regular, monthly basis or make arrangements for us to mail them to you. The only minimum is one on-going title. That’s it. No fuss, no muss, no contracts.

File customers can also get a free copy of Diamond Comic Distributors monthly “Previews” magazine, which highlights all of the new products shipping two months from now (example: the May Previews carries information for product shipping in June). When we say all, we mean all: comics, graphic novels, manga, t-shirts, statues, toys, accessories, videos and more. Anything in that book you’d like to add you’re more than welcome to (although some products are sold in case lots and may not be available, and items over $50 require pre-payment). You can also sign up for our email newsletter, which will have a Super-Fly Annotated previews that highlights new books & series, important creative team changes and other quality material that can get lost in the sizable Previews book.

When you sign up for a file and give us your email address, you’ll automatically get an email each Tuesday that something is coming in for you that Wednesday, including the total cost of the books. That email will also include a link back here to the web page where we’ll have the full list of everything that we’re getting that week. See something that you want to add? Something on your list that you’re no longer interested in getting? Just reply back to that message and those changes will be made for you at the speed of internet. It’s the simplest way possible to manage your subscriptions!

If you’d be interested in pursuing mail order, we ship once a month to coincide with Diamond’s monthly Previews Magazine. We will need a credit card or contact information on file so we can obtain payment, and shipping (which includes Previews, so you can find out what’s new that’s coming out) is usually between $5 and $10 (depending on the size of the file.)

If you are interested in a file subscription, contact us via the phone number or email address on the left.

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