Super-Fly Comic of the Week February 7

Hey hey Fly-Fans, we are back with yet another strong week of comics to choose from for Comic of the Week! Marvel had multiple “All-New” #1’s, Greg Pak brought us Turok, and the Joker’s Daughter featured this month from DC, but only one could claim the title. This week, the winner by a comfortable margin is: Ms. Marvel #1MsMarvel1

G. Willow Wilson (Cairo, Air) and Adrian Alphona (Runaways) bring us a newcomer to the Ms. Marvel name: Kamala Khan, a sixteen year old girl of Pakistani descent whose family has strong Islamic values.  Disregard any thoughts you may have about any of those character elements being exploitative, they aren’t.  Kamala is a perfect fit for a new Marvel character, she is instantly relatable and has a very clearly defined character very early on in this first issue.  The plot may be a little on the thinner side, but this is undoubtedly meant to be a character driven issue and that’s where it shines.  The artwork is also beautiful with clear pencils and vibrant colors that allow this issue to really stand out on the shelves today.

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Super-Fly Comic of the Week January 31

Welcome back Fly-Fans! Due to some complications this past week we do not yet have this week’s comics in stock so we will be looking back to last week’s comics to find another comic of the week. Last week All-New Invaders #1 took the top spot, but this issue came in a very close second. This week’s comic is: Deadly Class #1


Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force, Black Science) teams up with Wes Craig (Guardians of the Galaxy) to bring us another promising Image #1. This time a homeless teen is drafted into an elite school for trained assassins! While that sounds a lot like Five Weapons on the premise alone, this series has a much different approach. Our main character, Marcus, is fighting what may be a losing battle with depression and there’s more than one particularly powerful character moment in this issue that really hits home.

Just a reminder that tickets are still available for An Evening with Kevin Eastman. Details can be found by clicking HERE

Introducing the Super-Fly Comic of the Week!

Greetings, Fly-Fans and welcome to the new series “Super-Fly Comic of the Week!” We will be selecting our favorite comic each and every Friday and promoting it both here and in store. For this inaugural edition we decided we wanted something that would make for a great jumping on point and what better to do that than an “All-New” #1? This week it’s All-New Invaders #1!


James Robinson (writer) and Steve Pugh (pencils) bring us a modern Golden Age comic starring the original Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Bucky Barnes (Wintersoldier), Namor, and Captain America. The Kree Empire is after a powerful artifact and this “All-New” Invaders team knows the secret to finding it. This issue does a great job of maintaining that Golden Age feel, but still finding a way to make it still feel relevant. Nothing groundbreaking here, but this is a very “Super-Fly” first issue and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Just a reminder that tickets are still available for An Evening with Kevin Eastman. Details can be found by clicking HERE

An Evening With Kevin Eastman!

We have been BLESSED with the opportunity to sponsor Mr Kevin Eastman‘s travels to Gem City Comic Con 2014! What this means for YOU Fly-Folks is that Saturday night 4/5, after the convention, we have the esteemed honor of a ticketed meet-and-greet event!

So, at 5:30 that day the store’s normal hours of operation WILL END! After a brief hiatus, we will reopen TO TICKET HOLDERS ONLY at 6:30 – from thence on (until about 8:30) we shall rejoice, cavort, and generally hang out with Kevin. Now, this is not a “panel” or a “signing*” – this is a straight-up hang out session!

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