Better late than never…

Oh good golly, has this been an irascible week. Despite Diamond Comics Distributors’ & UPS’ & the computer’s absolutely BEST efforts – we did in fact receive comics this week. If you received an email about what you got in your box this week – IT IS WRONG!!! That’s what’s coming in next week. We’re patiently awaiting a tech support email to rectify this problem; but in the meantime here’s the books this week! (sorry no pics – helluva week) Continue reading

comics shipping list

****NOTE TO ALL****

Disaster doesn’t even begin to describe getting this week’s comics.

A shipping list for the week will be posted shortly, promise.

In the meantime, if you received an email regarding what books you’re getting this week – it is wrong, those are next week’s books.  I’m working on fixing that too.


THIS FRIDAY!!! Adam WarRock Destroys Super-Fly Comics!!


We’ve been talking alot about our awesome Godzilla promotion that we’re trying to get together, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention another, more emanate destruction of the store having THIS FRIDAY. Yes, I’m talking about The Nerdy Show’s number 6 Nerdiest Thing about 2010, Adam WarRock will be in the building rocking a special show promoting his show January 15 with Dual Core, & Ruckus Roboticus at South Park Tavern. (1301 Wayne Ave. Dayton, OH 45410 9:00PM – $5 admission) Word on the street is that he’ll be performing a special West Coast Avengers medley from his West Coast Avengers mixtape, so you know you need to be here for that! On top of that, the show Friday will be FREE*!!! What better reason to brave the elements and check out the comic shop that brings nerdcore rappers to the Dayton area. That’s right, if you guessed Super-Fly Comics and Games, you’d be right.

Wait? What’s with the * after ‘FREE’? Well, the show is FREE, but we will have boxes and cans out asking for donations that will go towards Heroes Initiative, the first-ever federally chartered not-for-profit corporation dedicated strictly to helping comic book creators in need. And that’s a great cause. So remember, when you’re bobbing your head, make sure that you save some change after you buy up all Adam’s merch so you drop some money for the box for the Heroes Initiative.  A good cause that makes you feel good….cause……

So, here’s the vital information:

January 14 – Adam WarRock & Super-Fly Comics
132 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, OH
9:00 PM – Free show, donations encouraged (proceeds will go towards Heroes Initiative)

Check out the Facebook event and spread it around! We’ll see you here Friday.