Street Fair and Captain America…Captain Street Fair?

Just that last minute reminder (well, not last minute, it’s not even noon as I type this) that tomorrow is indeed Street Fair! Come to glamorous, fabulous Yellow Springs (the Hollywood of the midwest) for all the shops, the booths, the fair food and of course, us. We’ll have air-conditioned shelter, video games running all day on our 70″ projection screen (including a Super Smash Bros. Tournament at noon) and of course our sparkling personalities!

Not enough? Okay, fine. We’ll also be running a sale wherein you will get a $5 Gift Card for every $25 you spend. It’s better savings and security than most banks nowadays (unless you lose it, in which case, like healthcare, you’re on your own)! Remember, that’s cumulative, so spend $50, get $10; spend $75, get $15; spend $15,000, get a $3,000 gift card (and probably a hug).

Street fair runs from 9am to 5pm, but the sale runs until we close at 8pm (for the crowd phobic among you).

Once you’ve settled down and recovered from Street Fair, you’ve got another big event to look forward too. On Monday, June 15th, we’ll be getting Captain America #600. Not just a milestone #600th issue, it promises an event so big that we’re selling it on a Monday, not a Wednesday, and it promises national media attention. Is Captain America changing that A on his head to stand for France? Are they announcing Will Smith as Captain America in the movie, and the return of Isiah Bradley, the “Truth” Captain America? Or is someone else returning, someone who’s initials are “Steve Rogers,” which may or may not have anything to do with this “Reborn” miniseries showing up later this month.

Oooooooh, mysterious!

So stop by these next few days and take a big juicy bite of excitement and adventure, Super-Fly style, and also get a peek at other upcoming events, like Free RPG Day on June 20th, Yellow Springs Book Fair on August 1st and Super-Fly’s 2nd Birthday celebration.

Street Fair Sale!

So it’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, the temperature is up and people are set to wander the streets, and that can only mean June Street Fair is upon us. Next Saturday, June 13th, from 9am to 5pm, park far away and walk into all manner of craft, retail and food booths. When you’re done with all that nonsense, come and see us in all of our spacious, air-conditioned glory!

We’ll be running video games all day on our 70″ projection screen, playing movies to veg out to and have cold drinks for you to refresh yourself with. In addition, we’ll also have a Super Smash Bros. Tournament from Noon to 1pm. As if that weren’t enough, we’ll also be running a sale! For every $25 you spend you’ll get a $5 Super-Fly Gift card, that wondrous, never-expiring bit of magic that you can greedily keep to yourself or give for birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, Christmases or “Please go out with me” bribes.

We’ll be open 9am to 8pm on Street Fair, so even if you want to skip the Street Fair Festivities, the sale and excitement will be going on all day. Plus, when you pop in, you’ll be able to get the skinny on other upcoming events, like Free RPG Day and the Yellow Springs Book Fair (brought to you by Dark Star Books & Super-Fly!). It’s more goodness than you can pack into a helmet!

Believe it!

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day!

This is it kids. Tomorrow, Free Comic Book Day 2009 ground zero. From 10 until 8 tomorrow, we’ll have over 30 different free comic titles to give away, we’ll have 25% off all Comics (New and Back Issues), Graphic Novels and Manga, have buy 1, get one free 25 cent comics, and free video games to play and movies to watch all day.

In addition, we’ll have Ohio’s own 501st Storm Trooper Legion will be making an appearance, including Sith Lord Darth Vader himself. We’ve been informed that the Imperial Shuttle will be arriving at 11:30. Many Bothans were killed to keep this information secret, so remember that operational security is a must.

Not to stop there, we’ll also have available tomorrow our exclusive Free Comic Book Day 2009 shirts. These are black shirts, screen printed with the FCBD 2009 square logo, and on the back a piece of custom artwork by Zane Reichert, our artist in residence depicting the Free Comic Day class of 2009, featuring the stars of some of the summers most anticipated movies.


These works of art and Super-Fly Loyalty will be $12.95 and available for a limited time! If you don’t get them tomorrow, you’ll never have another chance!

Remember, you can go anywhere for Free Comic Book Day, but only one place can make it Super-Fly!