October…it’s not just for Street Fair Anymore! Zombies & Rock Band need love too!

Yes, this Saturday is indeed Street Fair as well as our 25% OFF EVERYTHING sale! Yes, it’s probably one of our biggest sales of the year, but I don’t want to get hung up on crazy details like that. It’s awesome, we’re great, you love us and that’s all well and good but there’s lots of other great things going on this Saturday (which is supposed to be nice and sunny BTW, you weather nay-sayers):

STREET FAIR this Saturday!

Live Music at several locations in town!
12 pm Yazoo Street Scandal
1 pm The Hoppers
2 pm Slipstream
3 pm Ryan Judy
4 pm Rob Heiliger
5 pm Maya Cabellero
6 pm The Ark Band

9 am The Bucket Band
10 am Jerome Freeman
11 am Les Groby
12 pm Egyptian Breeze Belly Dancers
1 pm Sammi Jo
2 pm Egyptian Breeze Belly Dancers
3 pm TBD
4 pm Matt Housh- The Show

Shuttle Service (Free)

See map for locations:

Over 200 booths selling fine arts & crafts, clothing, jewelry, fair trade items, unique gifts, massages and much more, join the international selection of cuisine from Vietnamese shish-kabob to Mexican empanadas to Thai wraps to hot dogs.But Street Fair in Yellow Springs is much more than an arts and food fair; it’s an all-day festival with entertainment throughout the day. Local favorites, the Egyptian Breeze Belly Dancers and a variety of musicians will perform all day at the Jackson Lytle Williams Stage. You’ll also enjoy street performances by entertainers of all types as you stroll the streets during the festival.

Children & adults alike will enjoy the stories of the Yellow Springs Tale Spinners at the Street Fair Story Tree, near the playground at Mills Lawn. Performances are at 12PM, 1 pm and 2 PM

Live music will be performed from 12:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m., on the front lawn of the Bryan Center on Dayton Street. New to Street Fair is our Beer Garden located adjacent to the Music Festival, featuring 8 beers from which to choose. Both are sponsored by Peach’s Grill in Yellow Springs.

The event is free, open to the public, and handicapped accessible. NO PETS WILL BE ALLOWED AT STREET FAIR; ENFORCED BY THE POLICE DEPARTMENT. Street Fair is sponsored by the Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce with support from the Yellow Springs WesBanco Banking Center and media sponsor WYSO.


But wait, that’s not the end of November. No sir. On Friday, November 23rd at 6:30pm there will be a ZOMBIE WALK to benefit Home, Inc.! Bring a nonperishable food or cash donation (because cash, like zombies, never perishes) to the Bryan Center that Friday and get ready to walk for brains! Plus, at the end of the walk there will be live music by Doctor Meat! For more information, check out www.myspace.com/zombiewalkys or email them at zombiewalkys@yahoo.com.



There’s one more thing…hmmmm…oh yeah! It’s Halloween! On Halloween Day we’ll be hosting a Rock Band tournament for all you scary monsters, superheroes and lazy folks who saw the ADDAMS FAMILY and don’t dress up (Yes, serial killers look like everyone else, we get it…). We’ll have prizes for the winners and the best dressed, so get three friends (or two if one can play and sing), get in costume and get down here on the 31st to rock our faces off! Watch this space for more details!

See, just because winter is bearing down on us like a frosty predator and we’re trying to blow up the moon doesn’t mean we can’t still have a good time!

This Halloween, show them love…with Zombies!

This Halloween we’ve got the perfect way to tell her you love her. Or him. Or…it. Super-Fly Exclusive Zombie Valentines are so multi-purpose they aren’t just for February, they’re for any time of the year. Zombie-tines are $2 each and available in the store or through our Amazon shop here. Don’t just get candy and a blood covered knife, step up your game!


“You’re on My Mind. Please give it back, I need it.”


“I Only Have Eyes for You”


“You were made for me. I can tell because you taste good.”


“You take my breath away.”

Yellow Springs Street Fair, Saturday October 10th

It’s time for Yellow Spring’s bi-annual frolic of shopping & sight-seeing: Street Fair! This year we’re rising to the occasion with our best Street Fair Sale yet: 25% Off everything in the store, plus lots of great clearance items 50% off and more! Plus we’ll have info on the upcoming Yellow Springs Zombie Walk.

Remember, summer’s not over until the last Street Fair booth is cleared off Xenia Avenue. Relish it while you can!