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For those of you whop don’t follow us on Twitter (shame on you!) or don’t have a Twitter (good for you!), you missed the news that we scored quite the coup yesterday. While taking a day off from touring mc chris put it out there that he wanted to play Red Dead Redemption if any of his fans in the Cincinnati area were going to get a copy. Sure, we’re a little outside that area but we let him know that we had it and would be more than willing to let him come and play it on our 70″ projector. He agreed and we got a chance to watch as he rode and shot his way through Rockstar’s newest masterpiece. Seriously, this game is as great as mc was gracious and genuine. It was a fun time, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to hang out with him again soon (some of us are even going to his show at The Basement in Columbus tonight at 7pm. If you’ve never been to an mc chris show, you are missing out!

This week is our Avengers Day Party, celebrating the release of AVENGERS #1 by Bendis and Romita, Jr. We’ll have Thor Cake, the full array of Avengers variants, Marvel vs Capcom 2 on our aforementioned projector as well as FREE “I am an Avengers” prints for the first 25 folks that show up. We assure you, nothing is healthier for you than cake and video games. Honest.

Also out this week is ZATANNA’s new ongoing from Paul Dini, the LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES returns with the legendary Paul Levitz, the Agents return in ATLAS, Pepper Potts takes center stage in the RESCUE one-shot, and the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA begins its crossover with the Justice Society as one of the returned heroes from Blackest Night joins the team!

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What a week, and it’s only Tuesday! For the rest of this week’s comics, click below!

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Super-Fly Comics Multimedia Takeover!

Sometimes, if we’re good, they let us out of comfortable retail habitat to explore the world beyond Yellow Springs. When that happens, we find it’s best to document the occasion for posterity. Whether it’s for future generations to learn from our our lawyers to prepare a defense, only time will tell.

Here’s Super-Fly co-founder (and guy writing this blog post) Thacher E Cleveland being interviewed by Frank Raynor on the Underground Video Network at Dayton’s Gem City Comic-Con. You can skip ahead to the 3:05 mark to see him/me, or you can watch the whole thing (including the nice young lady from the d20 girls) and be amazed at what you

Thank goodness he interviews better than writes about himself in the third person.

Here’s the Super-Fly Crews journey into the dark heart of Chicago for the inaugural Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (or C2E2 for short). Beware the musical interlude!

For even more C2E2 coverage, check out our affiliates at Panels on Pages. All month they’ll have new C2E2 videos added every Wednesday at their C2E2 video coverage page. Here’s a taste of their coverage. Eagle eyed veiwers may spot a familiar face and logo…

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