Super-Fly Comic of the Week March 21

Well, Fly-Hards, it’s Friday and it’s time we look at this week’s new crop and see who among them reigns supreme. Did Ms. Marvel continue from the strong first issue? (Yes) Would Sovereign be another sleeper hit from Image? (Kinda) Is the return of American Vampire the hotness? (Sorta) With all of these and more to choose from this week was a tough one, but in the end we have to go with: Daredevil #1


Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Flash) and Chris Samnee (Shadow: Year One, The Mighty) continue their much acclaimed and sensational run on Daredevil.  After the events of last month’s issue Daredevil heads out west to San Francisco and immediately finds trouble (of course).  This issue is an excellent jumping on point for anyone who hasn’t been reading Waid’s run (and shame on them for that!) by catching the reader up quickly and then still having the room to give us a very entertaining chase through the city.  Top notch art, excellent writing, and just a joy to read, THIS is superhero comics done right.

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