Super-Fly Comic of the Week March 7

Another week has passed, fellow Fly-Hards, so that means there must be another Super-Fly Comic of the Week! This week saw several launches from Marvel with Magneto #1 and Wolverine and the X-Men #1, Dark Horse launched Greg Rucka’s Veil #1, and Afterlife with Archie took a very dark turn (which is impressive for that series!) Unfortunately, many comics enter, one comic leaves and this week the comic that took the top prize is: Moon Knight #1!

Moon Knight 1


Warren Ellis (Transmet, Thunderbolts) and Declan Shalvey (Deadpool, 28 Days Later) have brought back Marc Spector for a new series launching a “real” new #1.  Jordie Bellaire also fully deserves to be recognized for some brilliant and beautiful color choices throughout this first issue.  There have been a lot of different versions of Moon Knight over the years with differing reasons for his insanity, but this series seems to want to clean a lot of that up and give us a clear consistent Moon Knight.  There are a few simply brilliant moments here both on the art side and in the dialogue, such as a brilliant splash page of Moon Knight climbing down into a manhole and we see multiple levels of New York City Underground, or when a character questions why Moon Knight wears all white to fight crime at night, his answer is fantastic.  This was a highly anticipated new series and this first issue did not disappoint.

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