Super-Fly Comic of the Week February 14

Come one come all Fly-Fans to another edition of Super-Fly Comic of the Week! With today being Valentine’s Day and all we decided that we would go ahead and not let that have any bearing on our choice for best comic this week. This week had a few really solid candidates: The Bunker #1, Superior Spider-Man #27.NOW, EGOs #2, and She-Hulk #1 all had a good shot at taking the top honor, but this week’s comic is: The Fuse #1

Antony Johnston (Wasteland, Umbral) and Justin Greenwood (Wasteland, Resurrection) bring us another strong Image #1.  This time we have what we in the store have been jokingly calling “Law & Order: Battlestar Galactica” and that’s not terribly inaccurate.  This is a police procedural set in a city that happens to also be a space station.  Ralph Dietrich is a new transfer to “The Fuse” and immediately upon his arrival he’s thrown into his first case when a homeless woman is gunned down in public.  Along with Dietrich we also follow his new partner Klementina who, of course, is a grizzled veteran cop who has been working “The Fuse” for quite some time.  Using the police procedural format to introduce us into this interesting world actually works exceptionally well, but it does enough of it’s own thing so if you’re not a fan of Law & Order-esque shows, you’ll likely still find something to enjoy here.

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