READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 50: All Apologies, I’m Conward Bound! It’s C2E2 2013 Super-Fly Style!

Emerging from the shadows comes Max throwing up a (late) update to the RML Blog right before C2E2 hits!  Find out what’s going on and how Super-Fly will be getting down at C2E2 this year—hopefully with more updates from the show to follow! Get clued in here!

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Written 4/12/13

So I’ve been unable to get updates up the past couple weeks, but I have a good reason: every spare moment I can I’ve been trying to get ready for C2E2. This will be the first year I’ve gone to the show and I have so much to do! Most of my time I’ve spent getting ready has been working as much as possible to generate funds for the trip. I’ve been able to pay for my part of the hotel bill already, so I’m covered there. So all I need now is to keep earning spending money for food and whatever wonderful things I find at the con and I’m less than two weeks away now. I’m not only going this year, I’m going in style with Super-Fly Comics. Although my contribution to the group is small, I am always helping the store however I can. Now, thanks to my wife giving me permission to take our laptop with me to write about C2E2, I can hopefully blog each night we are at the show. Whether or not I’ll be able to post these C2E2 Blogs right away is unknown to me at this point. But hopefully I’ll be able to write at least every night so the coverage will be there in posterity!!!


It’s C2E2 2013, Baby!

I also have to mention that a few weeks back was the AMAZING Gem City Comic Con.  I’m going to be giving my coverage of the GCCC 2013 its own entry, but suffice to say for now, it was really great.  For the first time in years, it wasn’t crowded due to the new location of the Nutter Center at Wright State University opposed to it being held in WSU’s Student Union.  There were so many dealers, so many nice bargains, and some really impressive cosplay (I’ve got pictures!).  Stay tuned for an entry on GCCC 2013 following the craziness that is C2E2!

And hopefully, when I get back, I’ll be able to resume updates a little more regularly.  My work is seasonal, so I have a lot more work hours now that the weather is nice(r), but I have decided to make a concentrated effort to work on writing daily, no matter what obstacle stands in my way.  As part of that, I’m also going to work to get pictures formatted for both newer and older entries of the Read My Library Blog so I can get those up more regularly.

But back to C2E2!  The Super-Fly crew I’m traveling with is the core team of store owner Tony Barry and store manager Jared Whittaker aka JFX316, with backup provided by mighty Gavin Naught, “King” Travis Ray, Bryan Hawke and yours truly.  What’s really exciting is that Jared has been asked to DJ C2E2 again and I look forward to being there first hand to hear his beats!  Super-Fly will also be having their own panel, which hopes to capture the spirit of their weekly Super-Fly Comics Podcast.  Jared and Tony hosted a smaller, similar panel at Gem City Comic Con this year and it was a fun time.  At C2E2, Jared and Tony will be joined by their fellow podcasters, Travis Ray and former Super-Fly co-owner Thatcher Cleveland and I believe Gavin is slated to appear too.  That should be a blast, and I hope I get to see it go down!

Plus, the amount of talent going is incredible.  JMS, Alex Ross, Ethan Van Sciver, Brian Azzarello, Tony S. Daniel, Andy Diggle, Amanda Conner, Nick Spencer, Jimmy Palmiotti, and soooo many more.  I can’t even begin to do the lineup justice, so just see for yourself who’s going to be there by checking out the C2E2 webpage.  Remember, you can still buy tickets from Super-Fly, so if you’ve got the time and the means to go to Chicago for C2E2, what are you waiting for?  Get ‘em while they’re hot!

After C2E2, we’ll return back to Ohio right in the week of the Iron Man 3 premiere and this year’s Free Comic Book Day! Could it get any crazier?  Probably!

So wish us luck Super-Flyers!  It should be a wild wonderful con and hopefully we’ll see many of you there.  For those of you who can’t make it, I hope I can write some stuff up that helps bring C2E2 to you!


NOTES FROM NOW (4/24/13): Well, now I’m only a few hours away from heading out to C2E2.  I still haven’t packed everything and am doing laundry as I speak, I also need to finish cleaning up the house for my incoming sister-in-law and to be honest I don’t know if I’ll be able to get to sleep tonight! I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to get down to Super-Fly to throw this update online, but now I know how to update the site from anywhere, anytime, so I’m only now getting it up with a spare moment (yeah, right!).  This also means you can definitely look for updates (of some kind at least) over the next few days!  Wish us luck, or better yet come to the show!!! Check out the C2E2 webpage for more info and we hope to see you there!

Stay tuned…

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