All books everything! (Well, and some other stuff too – look, its a Trinidad James joke, alright?! Can’t we just appreciate some subtle humor in our culture anymore?! Jeeze!!)

Boyoboy, we’ve got quite the witch’s brew cooking hereabouts! Also, colloquialisms!
We’ve got six and a half longboxes of assorted back issue stock filtering out over the next couple of days. We’ve undertaken a minor major overhaul of our layout – my favorite game is “guess what Tony moved in the store since you were last in” – there’s no prizes but your own sense of self-satisfaction, but who could put a price on that?

You can and SHOULD buy C2E2 tickets HERE still. It’ll be the only way to see Jared DJ (unless you’re some kind of wizard and go to his other shows), as well as your only chance to witness our live panel, wherein we promise to make the biggest buffoons of ourselves the township of Chicago has ever seen!

If you keep your eyes REALLY CLOSE to this space, you may learn some fantastic things about our Dragons Maze prerelease tournament (that’s Magic: the Gathering for you layfolk) and our FREE COMIC BOOK DAY happenings!

Oh! And in case you were interested, there’s some stuff coming out next week too!

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