READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 46: The New Toys Commeth!

Max continues to drag his feet with take a break from The Aquaman Archives Volume 1 (and let’s face it, do you really want non-stop Aquaman coverage?) to document geek out about some recent action figure acquisitions that have helped round out the Library of late. Join him on his merry path to toy madness, won’t we?

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Written 4/23/12

Still did not get back to the Aquaman Archives…yet at any point!  I have the day off work today, so I definitely plan to do some comics reading at some point today.  I’m continuing to give myself a crash course in WordPress, as I want to start getting this blog up before six months of writing have gone by!  But as I’m not (usually) reviewing modern books, I’m beginning to think of this blog as a time capsule of sorts and the fact that I’m not blogging in real time live online is okay.  I also think that this might be temporary, as it will eventually catch up to modern time—especially if I continue to have so many breaks between days I am able to write.


With all that said, I wanted to take a second and get up to date with some additions to the Library.  When I started back nearly five months ago, (in a first draft of the blog in a part that did not end up getting published) I claimed I wasn’t planning to get anymore toys.  Well, I was a total liar or a deluded fool because in these past few months, I’ve done nothing but buy toys—and have bought several now since January.  Part of it is my work stepping up and getting a pay raise, the other part is my insatiable drive for action figures.  The thing is though, with super hero action figures, there are a finite number of characters, so it’s not like I’m going toward owning millions of these things.  But I have bought a handful in the past few weeks and haven’t commented about them on the blog, so I thought I’d do that now, in order of their arrival.


Wildcat action figure

Wildcat action figure


Wildcat is one I actually ordered in Canada and the seller had all these conditions of sale, such as he only mails things out once a week, so be patient, etc.  Plus, he was out of town until two days after I bought it, so I knew I would be waiting for this one.  I actually found out about this figure from the back of the Vandal Savage figure I got also while I was in Canada and started checking auctions.   There is also a Mattel Wildcat, but he is purple.  There is a black variant, but he is $50 and up.  Not a chance, especially when this perfectly good Wildcat was mine for $11.  Not as much articulation, but that’s okay by me.  Articulation is really nice and preferable, but not necessary when the figure looks cool and is mainly being displayed in a solitary position anyway.

I got him in the mail the same day as Gem City Comic Con I believe, but forgot to mention it in my blogpost for that day (a lot happened that day!).  Luckily, Wildcat fits up on my uppermost Justice Society shelf, as he is one of the first generation of the team…Or was at any rate.  The new Justice Society seems to be a bunch of younger version of the WWII heroes that comprised the Justice Society.  It makes sense, but I still don’t know how I feel about it and won’t probably until I read Earth 2.


Elongated Man action figure

This Elongated Man action figure comes complete with extended neck


I ordered this Elongated Man figure because I was planning on ordering him from TAF, the store which I got my first super hero action figures from.  When I went to order him, I saw that he had sold, and looked for another.  I found one for about $5.50 with $6 shipping or something equally ridiculous.  The reason?  The packaging at the top of the box is frayed and worn out looking, so I guess the seller thought they couldn’t make a better deal on it.  Well, I jumped on it, because keeping figures in boxes is the last thing I want to do.  Not that I play with them…much!  But I do display the heck out of them!

I also wanted to get Elongated Man as because I now had Phantom Stranger and he is only a reserve member of the JLA, I wanted to get every actual member of the original League, and that includes Elongated Man (more on that here).  So for that cheap, how could I not buy it?

Next up are a Hush figure from the DC Direct Hush line, and a Ferro Lad also from DC Direct.  I’m talking about both of them as I got them both from TAF, Toys Action Figures, who I was going to buy Elongated Man from but he sold.  So I wanted to get something from TAF, and these were two figures I was looking for, especially Ferro Lad, who I wanted to set up with my Legion of Super-Heroes set.  The Hush figure I’ve wanted ever since I saw him at a comic shop in Canada years ago and didn’t have the money for him at the time.  I didn’t think I had the space for him either, but I was able to wedge him into my bottommost villains’ shelf.





Hush action figure

This Hush action figure comes armed to the teeth!


I also ordered a Mon-El figure around the same time as these others, as Mon-El was another figure both Maureen and I wanted to display with our Legion of Super-Heroes set.  There were a couple of DC Direct Mon-Els to choose from, one from the same Legion of Super-Heroes line that Ferro Lad came from, one from the New Krypton line.  We went with the one from the New Krypton line because he looks much cooler and a lot less wimpy.  Although technically, both Mon-El and Ferro Lad and the rest of the Legion of Super-Heroes set are now out in the living room as there’s not really a good shelf in the Library to store them now that they’re out of their box.






Ferro Lad action figure

Ferro Lad action figure




Mon-El action figure

Mon-El action figure

Finally there is Steppenwolf, Darkseid of Apokolips’ uncle and leader of his military.  While more people likely recognize the red Super Powers version of Steppenwolf, I wanted to get the Jack Kirby style of figure just to keep it true to the “King.”  Steppenwolf has a whip and a sword, as well as a battle horn, which I was able to tuck into his chest strap.  Get bonus!  I naturally put Steppenwolf up with the other Apokolips figures Darkseid, DeSaad, Kalibak, Mantis and Parademon so I now have all the Apokolips characters on one shelf.  If only they made a Granny Goodness figure!  Maybe it’s better that they haven’t?  If only because I’d have to buy it.


Steppenwulf action figure

This Steppenwulf action figure is whippin’ it good, Devo style!


Indeed, that’s a lot of action figures.  None of them were too expensive individually, but collectively, it was quite a wallop to my wallet!  I can’t say that I’m done with action figures of course (I really want Mattel’s Crime Syndicate set!) but I can say with certainty that these are the last I’m buying for the foreseeable future, as I have a lot more financial commitments now than I did when I started ordering these guys!  Plus, with all this influx of new figures, I’m kinda satisfied at the moment.  I’ve scratched a lot of itches lately.  It’s just definitely nice to have a better status of employment—at least for the moment.  But yeah, I don’t even think I’m going to be asking for any action figures for my upcoming birthday!  I’ve marked a lot of things off my list and need to concentrate on other stuff.

I do have sort of a new action figure coming up, as I commissioned some custom work be done to one of my figures to make it into another.  I hope to be able to speak more on that soon!  In the meantime, I need to be studying my WordPress, reading my comics and writing as much as possible.  After all, tomorrow it’s back to work!


NOTES FROM NOW (11/26/12):  It’s pretty crazy to look back at this post and see how “action figure crazy” I went for a minute there between March and April.  While I’ve picked up other figures since this time, nothing as hectic as I was during this time.  What can I say?  I’m a comic and action figure addict!  It’s also interesting to see me talk about learning WordPress.  There isn’t much to it, but I definitely wanted to learn as much as I could before I started tinkering around on Super-Fly’s website!  That said, I still have a lot to learn and am still working on polishing my skills–but it’s cool that I can at least cobble posts together for the most part!

A final crazy circumstance is that I mention me getting a custom job done on an action figure in this entry.  The person doing the job is my pal Eric Miller, who does amazing customization work, and apparently is also quite a talented musician as I am finding out currently.  He posted his last work with the band Okay Lindon, an album called Everything Will Work Out Fine, and I’ve been listening to it while I edited this entry. It’s really quite good, and you should check it out as it is a free download here!  I hope to have an in depth look at Eric’s toy customization work soon here at the Read My Library Blog, so stay tuned!

And believe it or not, next week, I will finally wrap up The Aquaman Archives Volume 1!


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