READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 45: Another look at The Walking Dead with #96

Max does a “Bonus Books” entry looking at The Walking Dead’s 96th issue.  Also, from more modern times, Max contemplates the series taking a spoiler-free look at events since issue #100, and explains why he’s losing interest in this comic series rapidly.

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Written 4/21/12

While I’m itching to read “Aqualad Goes to School” in The Aquaman Archives Volume 1, I instead dove into The Walking Dead #96 so I could loan it and the previous two issues to my brother.  Therefore, it’s time for…



The Walking Dead #96 cover

The Walking Dead #96 cover


The Walking Dead #96 – Although I spoke in very vague terms about the last couple issues, I will throw up a SPOILER ALERT here…Though with the already fairly spoiler laden content yet simultaneous time capsule nature of this blog I don’t feel too bad about getting into some detail about this issue.  Okay, you’ve been warned.

Basically the actions Rick took last issue did not ruin his chances at forming an alliance with the new community.  However, this new community is being protected by a roving group of murderers who demand half of the community’s supplies.  Rick’s son Carl of all people floats the idea of killing this violent group in exchange for Rick’s group getting half their supplies (actually, knowing Carl this isn’t too surprising).  Negotiations happen, but with Rick and not really any of the other members of Rick’s group.  As the issue ends, it’s looking like war is on the horizon, with Rick’s group none too happy about it.  Rick on the other hand, is fanatical about this new community and helping them.  The other good news is that TWD is going to be coming out every three weeks until issue #100 comes out!!!  Awesome!

I was able to drop off the three The Walking Dead issues to my bro later in the evening before Maureen and I went out for a very special date at our favorite restaurant.  I didn’t get back to the Aquaman Archives today, but I hope to tomorrow!


NOTES FROM “NOW” (written early October 2012): I have to say that while TWD is still something I plan to collect, I’ve cooled on it quite a bit since issue #100, which without spoiling much, involved a brutal death of a longstanding character, so brutal that my wife Maureen has sworn off the series and was visibly shaken after reading the scene where it happened.  My brother is also less interested in the series now and my pen pal John in Rhode Island pointed out that The Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman is killing off all the characters we’re familiar with before we can get to know newer ones as intimately.  It definitely creates a sense of reality in the TWD series (as much reality as a zombie apocalypse story can have) as you never know what’s going to happen to whom.

I just picked up #102, but haven’t read it yet.  I really haven’t been in a hurry to.  Supposedly some heavy shit goes down in this month’s #103, and has been touted as a jumping on point.  For me on the other hand, it may very well be a jumping off point.  It’s not that I don’t still love it but as much as I’ve loved the series, I’m almost starting to think I can just live with getting the TPBs every few months to save money.

Truthfully, I haven’t even seen all of the second season of the TV show, a situation I hope to have rectified by the time you are reading this, as the third season should be up and on the air by the time this is published.  It’s just, since the show, TWD has become this huge merchandise machine, and due to its success it’s understandable.  There are t-shirts, toys, plush dolls, even a dedicated fan magazine now, not to mention one video game with another in the works.  There’s clearly a demand for this stuff, and it all is pretty high quality, but it still seems a bit of a cash grab in a way.  However, the TV show has attracted a lot of attention to the comic and comics in general.  It bodes well for more comic properties becoming TV and movies—although that certainly shouldn’t be the main reason for creating, or dictating what happens in the comics of course.  While that problem may be a growing concern with “the big two” Marvel and DC and their respective parent companies Disney and Warner Bros., it’s less of a worry with TWD.


NOTES FROM NOW (11/15/12):  I have to say that although I finally did read #102, and while it was good, I still have lost much of my enthusiasm for the series.  I’ve only caught a little bit more up with the second season of the show, and have yet to see any of season three (but have been recording them).  The show is still awesome sure, but I’ve grown a little weary of the antics of Rick and the survivors—even though the comic is now taking a radical departure from the previous “norm” (if it can be called that).  I still have #103 and now #104 in my file at Super-Fly, but I’m still thinking of dropping the series and just going for the trades, as those come out pretty rapidly after each story arc concludes.  My burning desire to see what happens next to the cast of TWD just isn’t there anymore.  Therefore, I don’t have much of any monthly comics that I’m incredibly excited for—save for seeing the further development of Shazam in Justice League and that’s muted at best.  What a bummer!

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