READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 42: The Aquaman and Green Arrow Switcharoo!

Continued from last entry, Max continues to read and write about The Aquaman Archives Vol. 1 after spending a long car trip with the book.  This time, read about the time that Aquaman and Green Arrow switched hunting grounds with some pretty silly results!  Plus Aquaman as Aquaboy!  What will it take for anyone to believe that he is King of the Seas?!?

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Written 4/20/12

NOTE: Continued from last time, Max spent an hour long car ride with The Aquaman Archives Vol. 1 and read and wrote a bunch.  Here’s some more of it:

Onto the next story and it’s a doozy.  Wacky?  Check.  Silly?  Check.  Full of fish?  Check.  A “team up” of sorts with Green Arrow?  Check!  It’s actually two stories and two parts of the same comic, Adventure Comics #267, a book that featured both Green Arrow and Aquaman.  The story begins with two arch criminals, the Shark and the Wizard (before you get excited, these are two plain clothed crooks with crazy names, not actual super villains) escape from prison with each other’s help.  Tired of being toppled by Aquaman, the Shark swears off piracy and plans to become a land criminal.  The Wizard on the other hand is sick of being caught by Green Arrow on all his bank heists, so he plans to commit all his crimes at sea.  Ooo-kay.

So you’d think that Aquaman would catch the Wizard and Green Arrow would catch the Shark, right?  Wrong!  For this issue, the writers thought it would be fun to do a “fish out of water” story placing Aquaman well removed from his comfort zone pursuing a criminal on land, and the story’s title, “Manhunt on Land” reflects this.  Aquaman is called in to take on the Shark by the Star City police, so Aquaman must rig up a fish bowl with special microphones to wear on his head, because as everyone knows, Aquaman can only be out of water for an hour or he dies.  To complete his land based activities, Aquaman also decides to bring an aquarium truck with him to fight crime.  Batman has the Batmobile, and Aquaman has a giant aquarium truck…yeah.  Luckily, that aquarium truck is packed with any and every kind of fish Aquaman needs in any and every possible situation as he comes across the Shark’s men and defeats them time after time. 


The "Aquamobile" in action!

Batman has the Batmobile, Wonder Woman has the Invisible Jet, and Aquaman has…Um, an aquarium truck.


Later in the mission, Aquaman and Topo end up in a sporting goods store, where Topo does a Green Arrow a few better and fires several bow and arrows at Shark’s henchmen simultaneously “almost as good a shot as Green Arrow!”  Topo, is there anything you can’t do???

Topo plays Green Arrrow

Who needs Green Arrow when you have Topo, who can shoot four times as many arrows?!?


Aquaman has a showdown with the Shark in an Aquarium of all places, where Shark is holding Aquaman’s fish friends there hostage.  Of course, Aquaman turns the surroundings to his advantage, and the Shark heads back to jail.

Aquaman's Aqua-pals in action!

Fighting Aquaman in an aquarium may have been the stupidest thing the Shark would ever do. But to be fair, Aquaman’s puns and “crab handcuffs” are pretty stupid too.

Then it’s Green Arrow’s turn, as DC was cool enough to publish the second part of this story in this volume, with Lee Elias doing the artwork chores for this part of the issue. It’s up to Green Arrow and Speedy to go underwater to capture the Wizard, who is committing piracy on the high seas.  First off, the pair must create underwater bow and arrows, which they do with an air-pressure device.  Then with diving suits that look like their costumes, the archery duo sets out on the maiden voyage of the Arrow Boat to catch the Wizard. After several attempts where they stop the Wizard’s plans but can’t catch the Wizard, the Wizard lures Green Arrow & Speedy into the lair of a fire breathing sea monster, correctly tricking them into thinking it’s one of his inventions.  It looks like curtains for Green Arrow and Speedy, when Green Arrow spies Aquaman’s pet octopus Topo, and recognizes him because he met him years ago (I guess Topo was done helping Aquaman at that point).  Then, and get this, Green Arrow thinks he may be able to telepathically send a message that Topo can translate to the sea monster to show he comes in peace.  Apparently knowing Aquaman’s octopus Topo is enough to be able to telepathically communicate with him!  That, or Aquaman doesn’t have the aquatic telepathy market cornered like he makes out to…  Of course it works (somehow! That and the sea monster fire breathing underwater seem to be quite the stretches, but leave it up to comic book magic!) the sea monster backs off and Green Arrow and Speedy soon apprehend Wizard. 

Topo and Green Arrow

Not only does Green Arrow distinguish Topo from all the other octopi, he surprises everyone by having Aquaman’s telepathic abilities. Either that, or meeting Topo means you can somehow telepatically communicate with him…

The duo meet up with Aquaman at the end, and Green Arrow and Aquaman shake hands, saying how awesome it was to trade hunting grounds.  Uh, yeah!


Aquaman and Green Arrow meet up

After switching hunting grounds, both Green Arrow and Aquaman are eager to do it again for some reason.


Aquaman’s take on Superboy is up next, with a story called “Adventures of Aquaboy” where we get to see the adventures of Aquaman as the super heroic Aquaboy!  However, all Aquaboy does is save the day time and again only to have no one believe in him.  It all starts when an old man tries to commit suicide by drowning and Aquaman saves him.  The old man doesn’t want to live anymore because he’s blind, and the pearls he’s accumulated over a lifetime to pay for a sight restoring surgery have been lost at sea.  Aquaman tries to tell the old man that he is able to dive and find the pearls because he is Aquaman, but the old man doesn’t believe such a man could exist. 


Doubtful Old Man doesn't believe in Aquaman

The blind old guy doesn’t want to believe in Aquaman, or Santa, or the Tooth Fairy either.


This sends Aquaman down memory lane, recounting story after story in how no one believed in him when he was Aquaboy, even after he did heroic deeds—including the old man as a younger man who Aquaboy saved earlier in their lifetimes! 


Aquaboy can't catch a break!

Aquaman as Aquaboy had the problem of no one EVER believing in him or his abilities. Even the blind old guy gave Aquaboy the brush off years ago…


The old man isn’t swayed by these stories as he thinks Aquaman just wants to steal his pearls, so Aquaman puts him in a whale’s mouth, and this changes the old man’s tune jig quick because he feels the whale’s teeth.  Man alive, if someone put me in a whale’s mouth, I’d start believing anything they said too!


In a whale's mouth thanks to Aquaman

“Good! Now tell me where the pearls are…OR ELSE!


“Whatever you say, Aquaman is it?  Just get me the hell out of this whale’s mouth!”


To Be Continued!


NOTES FROM NOW (10/10/12): More Aquaman run downs coming up on the Read My Library Blog!


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