READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 38: Minding the Store with Luthor Strode

Max helps out at Super-Fly while the main crew is away at C2E2 2012, and takes some time to read The Strange Talent of Luthor Strode, a book that is not actually part of his Library!  GASP!  And it’s the first non-DC Comic reviewed for the blog! DOUBLE GASP!

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Written 4/12/12


I haven’t had a chance to read any comics lately, not even Aquaman, but today I am helping out at Super-Fly Comics & Games while Tony and Jared, Travis and Gavin are all at C2E2 (That’s the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo) leaving me and a few others to help run the store while they are gone.  Today is the one day I was needed the most, so I had the store mostly to myself most of the day with only the occasional customer coming in.  Surrounded by comics, I decided to read something.  Since I haven’t blogged in about a week, I also decided to write about what I read, even though it’s not in my Library, nor is it a DC Comic (It’s actually about time that happened).  Today I read trade paperback (TPB) of The Strange Talent of Luthor Strode which was put out by Image and was written by Justin Jordan, drawn by Tradd Moore and inked(?) by Felipe Sorbreiro.


The Strange Talent of Luthor Strode

Luthor Strode has some Strange Talent indeed!


Luthor Strode weaves an interesting tale as it tells the story of what if those muscle building programs advertised in comic books actually worked, and worked super well—like enough to turn you into a super human?  This happens to skinny unpopular geek Luthor Strode when he orders the Hercules Method from a comic book and then follows it to obtain super human results.  He bulks up, his speed and reflexes are through the roof, and he’s just an all around stud.  This doesn’t sit well with the school bully and resident jock, who tries to pick a fight with Luthor, but ends up badly injured because of it.  Petra, the girl Luthor is obsessed with, starts to take notice of Luthor too, and Luthor’s best friend encourages Luthor to fight crime.  Luthor does so, but things get really bloody, and Luthor is constantly killing criminals brutally.  Meanwhile, the creator of the Hercules Method seeks out Luthor for his own nefarious purposes and leaves his own bloody path in his wake, leading to an out and out showdown.


The Strange Talent of Luthor Strode does a lot of things pretty well: it tells a nice story with good characters and an interesting set up.  There are a lot of things motivating Luthor, from being an unpopular geek to having a father who went to jail after abusing his mother.  However, upon closer examination, there are gaps in the story that make it a little difficult to walk away from feeling like you’ve read something really awesome.  There’s a lot of death.  A lot.  It works because there’s not really room for a sequel at the end, but things like who the bad guy was talking to while planning his schemes (bodies of victims?  A higher power or intelligence?  It was unclear to me) or what Luthor and Petra were talking about when they were alone just aren’t touched on and left me wondering after an otherwise great reading experience.  Writer Justin Jordan sought out to prove that the line between vigilantes like Watchmen’s Rorschach or the Punisher and slasher villains like Jason and Freddy is pretty thin, and he succeeds there, but I woulda liked to see a couple other elements fleshed out in the process.  Overall though, it’s an enjoyable read, and something I have wanted to check out for a while.  If I didn’t have so much in my file at the moment, I would be interested in buying this TPB, but right now, I think it’s better to just leave at the shop.  I probably wouldn’t re-read it anytime soon, nor go out of my way to loan it out.  It’s interesting though.


Maybe I should have brought The Aquaman Archives Volume 1 with me today, but being in a comic shop with so many choices, it would have seemed a little silly.  I thought about reading some of the New 52 stuff to catch up, but ultimately did not.  I left the store in the capable hands of young Super-Fly employee Zack Kimmet for the last couple hours of business and went home.  I don’t know how much I’ll end up helping out in the next few days but I should be in at least a little more.  Hopefully, I’ll get to do some more reading then.

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