READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 34: A Film, A Figure, and Counting Down to a Con…

A quick entry from Max written back in March dealing with some new comic related acquisitions all the while building anticipation to Gem City Comic Con 2012!

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Written 3/29/12

I haven’t had a chance to read anymore Aquaman yet, though I did get a couple interesting things in the mail today.

First off, I received my Phantom Stranger action figure!  It turns out I bought him from an ebay seller who started me off on my very first super hero action figures from the Alex Ross Justice line back when he had a store known as Transformers Action Figures that was located in nearby Dayton, OH.  Still called TAF, he operates only online for the time being and has changed the name to Toys Action Figures.  It was kind of cool to buy from him again, and looking at his online store, it looks like there are several figures he is selling I’d like to have.  While earlier in the year, I thought that that I was probably done buying action figures for the time being I was deluding myself, or completely full of it.  At any rate, I sent a quick note to TAF owner Tien thanking him for the transaction and said I’ll probably be buying from him again soon…

Here is Phantom Stranger in all his glory:

Phantom Stranger figure

The Phantom Stranger in da house!

What’s more is that I just ordered another action figure too, this time an Elongated Man figure, though at a fraction of the price I’ve been spending on figures recently.  The main reason I did it is Phantom Stranger is going up on my Justice League shelf, where I have all the members, including honorary members, of the original Justice League now, save for Elongated Man.  So it was time for him to enter the collection.  Also, Elongated Man’s neck is elevated all “stretched out,” meaning I can have some cool symmetry with him on one end of a row and my elevated flying Firestorm figure (who granted, is the Jason Rusch version and not the Ronnie Raymond version that was in the original JLA, but Jason has a cooler figure) on the other side.

I also received an Amazon order Maureen and I placed recently, and paid extra for two day shipping.  In a couple days is the Gem City Comic Con, and Mark Waid, who is one of Maureen’s and my favorite writers (Maureen especially) is going to be a guest.  So we’re going to get everything we have by him signed if we can, though my copy of Kingdom Come has been through the ringer, so we wanted to order a new one for him to sign.  So we ordered that right away, along with the animated movie Justice League: DOOM, which is loosely based on Mark Waid’s “Tower of Babel” storyline during Waid’s run on JLA.  We’ll be watching it later with our friends Aaron and Loren who are coming over later tonight.

That’s about all to report for now, as I’ve got to clean up in anticipation for our guests. So until next time…


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