READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 25: Comic Book Nerdom in Canada!

What do you do in Canada when you’re hundreds of miles away from Super-Fly Comics? Max hits up his favorite Canadian comic store in this Read My Library “side quest!”

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Written 3/15/12

I did not get too much reading done today.  My wife Maureen and I spent the day sleeping in, despite the fact we are trying to go to bed earlier and get up earlier to get our sleeping schedules back in check for when Maureen goes back to school (she’s currently on spring break).  All the same, we got up and ate breakfast with Maureen’s grandparents, and then set out on an outing.

Our first stop was Tim Hortons—natch!  It’s a staple for us at home, and an even bigger part of the lives of everyone in Canada.  Both Maureen and I swear the coffee is tastier here, and the doughnuts look and taste much more appetizing than in the States, at least at the two different Tim Hortons we stopped at so far, which were quite far from one another.  The chocolate glazed doughnut I had today was easily the best I ever had with loads of glaze.  Delicious!

Our next stop was Comic Book Addiction, our favorite comic store in Canada, and the shop with the name that best describes my love of comics. Comic Book Addiction is located conveniently in Whitby, Ontario, which isn’t far from Mo’s family’s house. While Super-Fly will forever be my favorite comic store, Comic Book Addiction is an impressive store with great selection and a perfect place to visit when I’m hundreds of miles away from the ‘Fly.

Comic Book Addiction Logo

The logo for Comic Book Addiction

Max at Comic Book Addiction

Max at Comic Book Addiction in Whitby, Ontario on a previous visit

Maureen was sweet enough to buy me a book, which was The Question Pipeline, a Renee Montoya Question book, which completes my Question TPB collection. While DC fans are quite familiar with Renee Montoya, more casual fans may remember she was detective Harvey Bullock’s partner in Batman: The Animated Series.  In the DCU she left her role at the Gotham City Police Department and stepped up to take Vic Sage’s place as the Question…but that’s a story for later.  Pipeline is Greg Rucka’s last Question story (and possibly some of his last work for DC, for now anyway) with art by Cully Hamner, the man who had a hand in redesigning many of the costumes for DC’s New 52 initiative.  It’s also seemingly the last Question story we’ll see for awhile too.  It looks great and I can’t wait to read it.  I read the beginning of the story in Detective Comics backups, but didn’t read the whole thing, so it’s nice to add it to my collection.  Plus being the completionist and Question fan I am makes it a real bonus.

The Question Pipeline TPB

The trade paperback for The Question: Pipeline by Greg Rucka and Cully Hamner

Then we stopped by a lake and went for an extended walk.  The weather was really nice but it got cold and windy out on the pier, but it was still a really nice walk.  The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing at Maureen’s family’s house before having dinner and turning in.  I wanted to have a bath and finish reading Animal Man Origin of the Species, but by the time I started thinking of taking a bath, a thunder and lightning storm hit, making those plans unsafe.  I’ll get to it tomorrow.  After all, I want to take advantage of the fact I can read the book in the bath since I have a water damaged copy!

It’s getting late and we do want to try to get to bed early again.  Who knows if we’ll get to sleep early or wake up early tomorrow, but it’s the effort that counts, right?

Max and JLA

Me, Batman, and the resta my homies in the Justice League outside CBA

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