READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 19: More Showcase Presents Ambush Bug

Continuing his read of some of the most random comics DC has ever put out, Ambush Bug, Max continues through Showcase Presents Ambush Bug.  Take a look at how the Ambush Bug mini-series differed from his earlier appearances that made the character even sillier.

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Written 2/18/12

I’ve had a busy couple days working on other projects and doing stuff around the house.  Oh, and of course Valentine’s Day!  I had to devote some time to my little lady, natch.  I’ve only been able to get back to Ambush Bug today.

Ambush Bug #2 featuring a giant koala

This giant koala was just one of many distractions for Ambush Bug in his mini-series

Reading through the first Ambush Bug mini-series, Ambush Bug #1-4 has been an interesting experience.  Any attempts at having in-continuity serious super hero stories are now over and the focus (or lack thereof) shifts to anything goes style.  These are pretty neat, clever comics that can be pretty funny—though not sidesplitting; I’ve laughed out loud some but not too much.  Basically Ambush Bug does fight crime, at least a little bit, and Ambush Bug’s doll sidekick Cheeks the Toy Wonder is introduced.  Also, Ambush Bug gets his own super villain…of sorts.  It’s an animated sweat sock with a Doctor Doom mask called Argh!-Yle! There are activity pages, interruptions from corporate lawyers promoting Ambush Bug, fights with a giant koala bears and an obscure villain, updates on long lost characters no longer in continuity, as well as possibly the most dangerous threat in the DC Universe lurking for Ambush Bug.  It’s pretty out there and very silly comics, though overall enjoyable.  It’s clear artist and Ambush Bug creator Keith Giffen and writer Robert Loren Fleming were having a lot of fun crafting these off the wall comics.

After the Ambush Bug mini-series, there’s the Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer and it is incredibly, ridiculously random in how it goes about telling its story.  It’s not bad mind you, just more of the same kind of stuff from the first mini-series but there are really parts of Stocking Stuffer, and Ambush Bug material sometimes overall, that make it seem more of a stream of consciousness comic book.  Not saying that isn’t awesome, it’s just strikingly different!

Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer

Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer is full of AB's holiday hijinx

I’ve gotten about midway through the second mini-series, Son of Ambush Bug and the randomness is actually starting to get to me.  Maybe it’s the black and white too?  It’s just that it’s almost too fricking silly and the only real promised plot to the story turns out to be a puppet show, while the real plot kicks around in the background to all of Ambush Bug’s, not to mention Giffen’s and Fleming’s, playing around and having a good time.  Of course, this is all to be expected with Ambush Bug, but maybe if I were someone who read the character as he came out, to have his appearances scattered years apart and appearing so rarely, these comics would be treats.  However, all jammed together in one volume, it’s a little overwhelming at times.

And now it’s time I was a sleeping.

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