READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 10: Adam Strange Meets the Justice League of America!

Max continues with The Adam Strange Archives now in Volume 2 and covers the historical first encounter between Adam Strange and the Justice League of America!  But how will Adam and the legendary super team survive a deadly encounter with an ultra powered Kanjar Ro?!? Check out this long entry with two days of reading plus Notes from Now!

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Written 1/19/12

Got back to reading today in Adam Strange Archives Vol. 2.  Cool sci-fi concepts are still coming, with Adam outwitting any foe or obstacle threatening Rann.  Adam’s reputation as a hero starts to haunt him a little, as aliens begin going out of their way to challenge him and future Rannians beam him through time to save their timeline.  Further into the book, the short story format changes to feature length tales and the quality remains high.

Mystery In Space #75 featuring Adam Strange meeting the JLA!

Mystery in Space #75, featuring Adam Strange’s first team up with the Justice League of America!

A highlight from what I’ve read tonight is a team-up between Adam Strange and the Justice League of America against Kanjar Ro which originally appeared in Mystery in Space #75.  The story is a little goofy at times, with Kanjar Ro gaining thrice the super powers of the Justice League by bathing in the radiation of Rann’s three suns.  He’s strong, he’s fast, and he has the classic “anti-evolutionary beam” which he uses to turn Batman, Aquaman and the League’s mouthy teen sidekick Snapper Carr into cavemen (Green Lantern later changes them back).  The cool thing is that Kanjar Ro whips the League into submission, with each League member feeling sorry for the powerless Strange who is standing nearby before they are taken out.  Of course by then Adam has figured out a way to beat Kanjar Ro without breaking a sweat.  With Adam Strange having a long association with the League (and status as an unofficial member), it was cool to see their first team-up.

The Justice League vs. Kanjar Ro!

Of all of Kanjar-Ro’s new powers, there’s none sillier than his anti-evolution beam! Also note Aquaman finishing Batman’s thought—could they be cavemen soul mates?

Due to events that happened during the JLA story, Adam’s ability to live on Rann permanently becomes impossible.  Of course, Adam will still be able to visit as before, but Alanna is heartbroken.  This and the twenty five trillion light years between them made me sympathize. I could relate somewhat, as I met the woman who became my wife in Canada and had a long distance relationship with her for several months before we could get together.  Long distance relationships suck—what’s worse is even despite all of the future tech on Rann, Adam and Alanna couldn’t exactly call each other during the weeks and months in between Zeta Beams.  In one story, the next Zeta Beam to Rann for Adam to catch is nearly a year away!

I only have a couple tales left in the volume but am getting sleepy for the night.  I will say there was a pretty neat moment where Adam Strange checks all his gear and reloads his ray gun after an alien challenges him in a dream.  You don’t see enough of characters preparing for battle, so I thought this was a cool touch.

Ciao for now.

Written 1/20/12

Today I breezed through the rest of Adam Strange Archives Vol. 2 and I enjoyed it a lot.  The last few stories deal with, among other things, old foes attempting revenge on Adam Strange.  It’s nice to see the continuity continue throughout the stories and it’s cool to see old enemies trying to take another go at Adam Strange.

Another thing I’m coming to like about these Adam Strange stories is that Adam is constantly overcoming impossible odds and never freaks out—he just remains cool and figures a way out.

Adam Strange is vacuumed up in Mystery in Space #63!

Getting vacuumed up would be cause for concern for most men—not Adam Strange though!

Also, I’ve come to notice that except for special occasions, Adam must always meet the Zeta Beam south of the equator, which leads to some exotic locales… In the case of special exceptions, Adam finds a new way to stay on Rann for awhile—at least for once.

That said, there’s not too much else to report on this volume, except I was left wanting more.  I mistakenly thought that the volume collected up to Mystery In Space #82, when it actually only goes up to #80.  I misread it, so I was disappointed when it ended.  I’ll start Volume 3 tomorrow.  I almost want to take my time with the third volume as it’s the last one before I start in on the modern Adam Strange stuff—which for the most part I feel is inferior to these classic tales.  But again, I’ll get to those soon enough…

NOTES FROM NOW (7/29/12): I just wanted to point out a fun cover that I found flipping through the Adam Strange Archives Vol. 1 while preparing these entries, especially in light of me saying there weren’t too many silly things in Adam Strange stories.  I may have to back peddle that a little in light of Kanjar Ro’s anti-evolutionary beam which I covered here, plus I found the cover to Mystery in Space (Vol. 1) # 58.  The story it represents has Adam Strange fighting off the Roman gods Hercules, Jupiter (AKA Zeus to the Greeks) and Apollo!  It turns out that their home Olympia is somewhere in space and these mythic gods are space travelers who have mistaken Rann for Olympia.  Adam must challenge the gods to combat where he bests all three, and they realize their navigation equipment misled them.  As they depart, they are about to reveal to Adam the real location of Olympia, but the Zeta Beam radiation in Adam wears off, transporting him back to Earth (sounds reminiscent of moments you have in dreams right before you wake up!).  Kind of silly!  Still cool though, as Adam once again uses his noggin to beat all three.  Even the gods of old can’t outsmart Adam Strange, even if they are from outer space!

Mystery in Space #58 with Adam vs. Roman Gods!

Only in the Silver Age could you have a Sci-Fi story complete with Greek/Roman Gods! Leave it to Gardner Fox...

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