READ MY LIBRARY ENTRY 9: Adam Strange Archives Vol. 2! Gotta catch that Zeta Beam!

Max cracks open The Adam Strange Archives Vol. 2 to learn more about the “Man of Two Worlds” and his between-planet-transport, the Zeta Beam.  Max covers continuity in the Adam Strange stories, and also takes a look at the love of Adam Strange and Alanna of Rann, who are often separated light years apart!

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Entry written 1/18/12


Starting into the Adam Strange Archives Vol. 2 in the wee hours of the morning, I actually had to take the shrink wrap off this one before digging in!  It’s cool taking off the plastic wrap off the book with the intention of actually reading it and not just flipping through it to put it back on the shelf.  Can’t say I’ve done that with most my books unfortunately, so tearing into this one was exciting!

Adam Strange Archives Vol. 2

Adam Strange Archives Volume 2: A huge part of Adam Strange’s appeal has always been the jet pack

One thing I neglected to mention while covering Volume 1 is that Adam Strange’s adventures have some continuity to them which is a nice touch, such as Ranagar becoming more technologically advanced after being visited by their technologically superior scientists from the past who were living in the fourth dimension. Simpler examples are Adam noticing Ranagar being rebuilt after it was destroyed last adventure, or as seen in the opening story in Vol. 2, Adam is given a new ray gun by Alanna upon arriving on Rann after his original one was destroyed in their previous caper.

There are a couple times where Adam beams back to Earth before the problem is solved and he figures out the solution to Rann’s duress before the next Zeta Beam back, usually a handful of days compared to the months it took in earlier stories. Obviously, with pressing matters such as Alanna’s life or the destruction of Rann usually on the line, Fox hastened up the Zeta cycles for return trips; this device also came in useful if the Zeta Beam teleported another creature from space to Rann and/or Adam missed the beam on Earth.

Alanna and Adam Strange

Alanna and Adam Strange, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

No matter how it happens, Adam is always able to make it back to Alanna, usually just in the proverbial nick of time for them to avoid danger, have an adventure, and then hold each other until the Zeta Beam radiation dissipates in Adam’s body and he is transported back.  Therefore, knowing their goodbyes are often cut off, Adam or Alanna have been known to passionately kiss in the middle of an adventure.  Awwww!


Didn’t get much more reading done as the laptop came back from repair today!  However, I spent the entire day reinstalling and reconfiguring everything and did not have much time for Adam Strange today.  However, having a functioning laptop bodes well for getting this project back on track!  I’m sure I’ll be reading more tomorrow.

NOTES FROM NOW (7/22/12): Looking back, I almost don’t know which was more exciting: reading the Silver Age adventures of Adam Strange or getting my laptop back from repair!  While getting back the laptop was crucial, I have to say that Adam Strange’s Silver Age stories were quite a delight to read.  Even the silliness that plagues some Silver Age yarns (even ones by Gardner Fox!) isn’t as prevalent in the Adam Strange stories simply because of its anything-can-happen sci-fi setting makes everything seem seamless in its execution.  The art of Carmine Infantino makes it all look great too, especially with Murphy Anderson helping out more on the inks in this volume.  I really can’t recommend the Adam Strange Archive Editions highly enough!

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