Super-Fly Lands on the Cover of Spider-Man!!!

Guess what we’re doing? Super-Fly is at it again! This time, Super-Fly Comics will be featured on the cover of Spider Man #666. This is the beginning of Marvel’s big event featuring everyone’s favorite web-slinger and we’re going to be a part of it. We are taking pre-orders for this big event now! You can pre-order in-store, by contacting¬† us at or on our semi-new webstore. ¬† ¬† (NOTE: THIS IS PRE-ORDER ONLY!!! SALE DATE IS 7/27. COMICS WILL SHIP UPON RELEASE. RELEASE DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE!)

*UPDATE* Due to unforeseen complications, it looks like we WILL NOT be participating in the Spider-Man Store Variant deal. Sorry to everyone that was looking forward to it. Everyone that pre-ordered will get a refund and a copy of our home game… if we have one. Sorry again.

Comics for 6/7/11

This coming Saturday (6/11) is Yellow Springs’ Street Fair! Boy howdy, do those get crazy! If you’ve never been to YS Street Fair, you’d better make sure to come on down and check out all the street vendors and shop sales that’ll be going on that day. In addition to Peach’s Music Festival & Beer Garden and the Egyptian Breeze Belly dancers and all of the other town attractions, we’ll be offering 50% off ALL back issues, 30% off all single Magic Cards, and of course, the return of our Live Art Show (featuring the music of JFX316 – and the visual art of many of the area’s awesomest artists)!

As always, this week’s full shipping list is below: Continue reading