Super-Fly Lands on the Cover of Spider-Man!!!

Guess what we’re doing? Super-Fly is at it again! This time, Super-Fly Comics will be featured on the cover of Spider Man #666. This is the beginning of Marvel’s big event featuring everyone’s favorite web-slinger and we’re going to be a part of it. We are taking pre-orders for this big event now! You can pre-order in-store, by contacting  us at or on our semi-new webstore.     (NOTE: THIS IS PRE-ORDER ONLY!!! SALE DATE IS 7/27. COMICS WILL SHIP UPON RELEASE. RELEASE DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE!)

*UPDATE* Due to unforeseen complications, it looks like we WILL NOT be participating in the Spider-Man Store Variant deal. Sorry to everyone that was looking forward to it. Everyone that pre-ordered will get a refund and a copy of our home game… if we have one. Sorry again.