Comics for 6/1/11

I’m mysteriously compelled to take this opportunity to reveal our big Street Fair (that’s Saturday, June 1tth y’all) sale – once again, we’ll be offering 50% off ALL back issues (and holy crap do we now have some excellent back issues!). The sale will be ONE DAY ONLY – so make sure to stop in and thoroughly scour the bins for all those missing chunks in your collection!

Additionally, that will be the FINAL DAY for our 30% off sale on Single Magic Cards – SO DEFINITELY DON’T MISS THAT!

And of course, as always, the complete shipping list is below: Continue reading

Comics for 5/25/11

Hey, hey. Amongst other things, we want to be certain to let you folks know this week that a)now through Yellow Springs Street Fair, we’re running a 30% off sale on all of our Magic: the Gathering singles (including all commons, uncommons & RARES!), and b) we’ve substantially upgraded our eBay presence – so if you’re hunting for deals, you *will* find some there. Additionally, I’m in the midst of processing out large chunks of a huge Bronze Age collection we’ve purchased. Recent additions to our back issue bins include huge runs of Conan & Tarzan, a stack of Atlas books, Green Lantern/Green Arrow issues, big runs of Kirby stuff including the Demon, Justice Inc, the Forever People, and Mister Miracle to name a few – so if you’re back issue hunting, now’s the time to strike!

As if that wasn’t enough, we also just in a sizable restock of Munchkin, Killer Bunnies, Fluxx, and Arkham Horror core sets & expansions.

In even more exciting news – keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming launch of our Site-Exclusive Webstore; where we’ll be able to *all sorts* of goodies that for whatever reason aren’t good fits for Amazon or eBay, but that you TOTALLY still want to buy from us! ;)

All that aside, we’ve got this week’s shipping list below: Continue reading