Comics Shipping List for 5/4/11 -or- How I learned to stop worrying and love Superman

Soapbox time! This past week in Action Comics #900 (unfortunately currently sold-out nationwide; hopefully a second printing is in the wings) in one of the several stories we witnessed Superman *Spoilers* This, of course, threw Fox News into conniption fits. After reading a particularly insulting article on their website I felt compelled to address the subject. Action Comics #900 was, in my opinion, one of the best Superman books to come out in a very long time. Across the multiple stories in this issue (from the Reign of Doomsday & Black Ring tie-in stories to the controversial story in question) we see Superman doing what he does best: Super-Philosophy. For me, the most compelling aspect of Superman has never been his near-omnipotence or invincibility – its his unwavering fortitude of character. To that end this issue manages to hold delightfully true to the character of Superman and how I expect he would react in a real world situation given the history the character has lived. Further, we all too easily forget that at the time of his creation, Superman was absolutely a tool of the so-called ‘liberal elite’ – many of his first adventures were spent pushing Siegel & Shuster’s political agenda, especially when it came to defending Union Rights. I can honestly only think of a very small handful of other books which seem to hold as true to the spirit of Superman as this issue does. That said, clearly there are those who disagree with me. I’d love to hear what you guys think – come in and talk to me about it sometime.

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Free Comic Book Day is rapidly approaching folks! Every year has gotten better and cooler and this year promises to be no exception! This year we celebrate FCBD’s 10th anniversary in style!

We’ll be featuring appearances by everybody’s favorite, the 501st Legion (Darth Vader & Crew!), fan-favorite local artists Rusty Shackles, Patrick Baumgardner, Adam Hicks, and of course the lovely folks of Springfield-based Twilight Star Studios!

Sales for the day will be RANDOMIZED! Every two hours and new section and percentage will be RANDOMLY determined! Like you needed another reason to hang out at the store all day!

PLUS! Insanity beyond all insanity, we will be hosting a PreRelease Draft for the new Magic:the Gathering set, New Phyrexia starting at 6:00PM. Buy-In will be $15 – AND THIS WILL BE YOUR VERY FIRST OPPORTUNITY TO BUY NEW PHYREXIA FROM US!! The following day (5/8) we’ll also have a sealed deck tournament (the Main Event) for $19.99 starting at 1:00PM. If you miss this you will face the ridicule of your friends and family! Don’t disappoint them!

Back to Free Comic Book Day, titles this year include (but are not limited to): Spider-Man, Super Dinosaur (Robert Kirkman – of Walking Dead acclaim – takes on a new kids’ title), Green Lantern & Flashpoint, Locke & Key, Avatar (The Airbender, aka the good one – not the James Cameron movie, aka the bad one),
Darkwing Duck, Dark Crystal, and whole lots more!

And of course, click below for this week’s shipping list!
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Comics for 4/20/11

This week heralds a new Dr Who #1, the final volume of Akira (finally) reprinted, the beginnings of the Green Lantern merchandise wave, Ziggy Marley’s new book (betcha can’t guess which one it is), the Suicide Girls comic, and a FRESH NEW print run of Tank Girl books! There’s so much cool this week I can’t even contain it!
If you haven’t been down to the shop in a while, now’s the time to do it! We’ve been getting so much cool new stuff I don’t even know where to start describing it all! Examples of the awesome featured below:
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