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OK, so in lieu of pictures and descriptions like I normally put up here to go with the week’s shipping list, I instead decided to totally run out of time.  SO, rather than waiting until the wee hours of the AM to get this list up, I figured I’d go ahead and get the list up.  Apologies for the giant block of text; a more complete list will appear next week (pinky swear!)  Click below for the list!

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Godzilla pre-order raffle comes to an end today and Mirrodin Besieged Pre-Release this Saturday

It’s been a wild ride, but all good things must come to an end. Today is the last day to get in on the Godzilla: Monster World Pre-Order raffle we’re running to win a spot next to your favorite comic retailers, Tony and Jared. If you jump off your computer right now and run down to the store, you can still prepay for Godzilla: Monster World #1 and get entered in the raffle. We close at 7 pm today. After that, you can STILL pre-order the book, you’ll just merely get copies of the book with Tony, Jared and the lucky winner on the cover in March.

In the near future is our pre-release for the new Magic deck, Scars of Mirrodin Besieged happening on Saturday January 29th at 1 pm. The cost will be $19.99.  That will get you the cards necessary to build your deck as well as promo cards.  You will receive 6 booster packs (3 Scars of Mirrodin and 3 Besieged) as well as as much land as you think you’ll need.  This set functions slightly differently than other sets in that you’re expected to choose a faction (Mirran or Phyrexian – basically Mirrodin type cards or Phyrexia type cards – WotC has been fairly tight-lipped about this whole thing, but a handful of additional details can be found here:
( The faction you pick will determine which cards you’re getting (b/c the booster packs themselves are faction-affiliated).  Once everybody has their cards, there will be one hour for deckbuilding and then the tournament will begin.  Pairing will be done swiss-style, pairing winners against winners and losers vs losers (this is not an elimination-based play style, so all players get to play in every round).  Matches are determined by the best of three games.  The number of rounds and the prize payout is determined by the number of players present (generally the prize pool is 2 boosters per participating player – divided amongst the top ranking players & the number of rounds will likely be in the 3-5 range).

The special pre-release promo cards this time are Hero of Bladehold for Mirran players or Glissa, the Traitor for Phyrexian players.

We hope to see you in the store for this event.

Now with 36.3% fewer glitches! Comics Released 1.19.2011

*whew* Rebuilding the store after Adam WarRock destroyed it with the power of his rock his hard work… I sure hope no giant lizards happen by – AAAIIIGGGG!!! Seriously, though, special thanks to everybody who came out to the show on Friday night and help raise money for Heroes Initiative with us. It was a great time – and Mr WarRock seemed pretty excited to come back at some point in the future (so if you missed it, you’ll probably have the chance to make it up to us). In other news, we’re getting closer and closer to the Godzilla due date. *REMEMBER* if you want to win a chance to be featured on the cover of Godzilla #1, fleeing this very store, you gotta come in and pre-pay for your copies before the 25th! Each copy counts as one entry into the raffle, so be sure to come in and check it out!
Hey, lookit! There’s comics coming out this week:

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Better late than never…

Oh good golly, has this been an irascible week. Despite Diamond Comics Distributors’ & UPS’ & the computer’s absolutely BEST efforts – we did in fact receive comics this week. If you received an email about what you got in your box this week – IT IS WRONG!!! That’s what’s coming in next week. We’re patiently awaiting a tech support email to rectify this problem; but in the meantime here’s the books this week! (sorry no pics – helluva week) Continue reading

comics shipping list

****NOTE TO ALL****

Disaster doesn’t even begin to describe getting this week’s comics.

A shipping list for the week will be posted shortly, promise.

In the meantime, if you received an email regarding what books you’re getting this week – it is wrong, those are next week’s books.  I’m working on fixing that too.


THIS FRIDAY!!! Adam WarRock Destroys Super-Fly Comics!!


We’ve been talking alot about our awesome Godzilla promotion that we’re trying to get together, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention another, more emanate destruction of the store having THIS FRIDAY. Yes, I’m talking about The Nerdy Show’s number 6 Nerdiest Thing about 2010, Adam WarRock will be in the building rocking a special show promoting his show January 15 with Dual Core, & Ruckus Roboticus at South Park Tavern. (1301 Wayne Ave. Dayton, OH 45410 9:00PM – $5 admission) Word on the street is that he’ll be performing a special West Coast Avengers medley from his West Coast Avengers mixtape, so you know you need to be here for that! On top of that, the show Friday will be FREE*!!! What better reason to brave the elements and check out the comic shop that brings nerdcore rappers to the Dayton area. That’s right, if you guessed Super-Fly Comics and Games, you’d be right.

Wait? What’s with the * after ‘FREE’? Well, the show is FREE, but we will have boxes and cans out asking for donations that will go towards Heroes Initiative, the first-ever federally chartered not-for-profit corporation dedicated strictly to helping comic book creators in need. And that’s a great cause. So remember, when you’re bobbing your head, make sure that you save some change after you buy up all Adam’s merch so you drop some money for the box for the Heroes Initiative.  A good cause that makes you feel good….cause……

So, here’s the vital information:

January 14 – Adam WarRock & Super-Fly Comics
132 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, OH
9:00 PM – Free show, donations encouraged (proceeds will go towards Heroes Initiative)

Check out the Facebook event and spread it around! We’ll see you here Friday.

Note that there are more copies of Orc Stain here; *REITERATION* If you’re not reading Orc Stain, you’re doing comics wrong.

Yowza!  A whole bunch of stuff’s been going on lately!  I just finished pricing out some 800+ Magic the Gathering Rares, and boy is my pricing finger tired!  (I guess that joke doesn’t work so well here…)  ADDITIONALLY, those of you in the know will note that the time grows closer and closer to the impending Adam WarRock show here at Super-Fly.  Once again, the show starts at 9:00 PM at your local Super-Fly Comics & Games and will be FREE (although a strongly encouraged donation to Hero’s Initiative would be much appreciated).  In other news, I spent all of new years day reorganizing the back room.  Most of you’d probably never notice – but I assure you it will streamline our performance in ways never before imaginable! (think Jello Slip’n’Slides!  YEAH!   …you know what? That’s a terrible idea.  Don’t think about those.  STOP IT!)

Elsewhere in the world, it appears that comics are still going to come out this week (Its like they never stop!)  Whether you’re longing for the next issue of Image’s breakout new title ’27,’ or tripping over yourself to be the first of your friends to pick up a Cyanide and Happiness book (they’re awesome guys, by the way, just don’t ever ask them for a sketch at a convention…) or desperately need another Star Trek flask to replace the one you lost under the couch at that party across campus (you know the one I’m talking about; by the way they called to tell me that they found your missing shoe also); we’ll have it all!
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Covers of the Week 12/29

Hey everyone. Jared here with the best covers of the last week of 2010. Hope your New Years wasn’t too wild and crazy. Well, if it was, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Anyway, check out the covers of the week…..

Deadpool Team-Up #886 cover by Humberto Ramos and Edgar Delgado

On one hand, Deadpool is doing the most cliche’d of martial art poses. On the other hand, he does have on the Bruce Lee “Game of Death” jumpsuit. So this cover is a toss up. Still pretty interesting.

Ultimate Avengers 3 #5 cover by Greg Land and Frank D’Armata

I feel like the Captain America movie would be alittle different if this was the Cap that they were using. Kind of gory and disturbing but still cool and visually interesting.

Carnage #2 cover by Clayton Crain

The covers in the Carnage mini-series continue to be creepy and very visceral. I helps that this book IS creepy and visceral and really well written. Pick this up if you can.

Generation Hope#3 cover by Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales and Chris Sotomayor

I don’t know how to explain what’s happening on the cover. Either Pam Grier is doing a wicked flash kick, ala Guile in Street Fighter or Foxy Brown isn’t as tough as we might have thought.

Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine #4 cover by Adam Kubert

This cover is as crazy as the content of the book. Spider-Man looks like he mis-fired his webbing and is trying to make it look like he meant to do that. Meanwhile, Wolvie and his wolves look ready to a bite out of his super hero behind. Bravo, fine sirs. I have no idea what’s going here.

So that’s it. If you have a cover you liked this week, let us know at and we’ll include it in a future Best of the Week Column. Have a Happy New Year, be safe out there and don’t forget about our upcoming in-store show with Adam WarRock, January 14th.