Best Covers of the Week – 12/22

Hello again, vigilant comic reader. Jared here again with the best covers of the week of December 22. We had some good ones last week, but the week of Christmas has some pretty great covers. So get ready and check these out.

Superman/Batman #79;Cover by FIONA STAPLES

I like this strictly for Robo Robin. He means business. Clearly. Also, I’m unsure about what they are standing on.  Super heroes can do amazing things. I guess.

Iinvincible #76; Cover by Ryan Ottley

That’s what make some people heroes and others not: the ability to take two thumbs in the eyes and keep coming.

Deadpool #30; Cover by Dave Johnson

Get it? That’s what vampires do. Stay classy, Deadpool….

Justice League Of America #52 Variant; Cover by David Mack

This cover is awesome. Water colors make everything better. Great likeness of Super Girl and Batman on this one.

Zatanna #8; Cover by Stephane Roux

Puppets are pretty scary. The evil Grover and Big Bird are frightening, but the fact that Jeff Dunham’s Walter puppet is included in this is the scariest part of the whole cover.

Archie #616; Cover by Dan Parent and Tito Pena

I’ll just say this about this: God have mercy on our souls if this ever happens………

Green Lantern: Larfleeze Christmas Special #1; Cover by Gene Ha

Green Lantern: Larfleeze Christmas Special #1; Variant Cover by Brett Booth and Andrew Dalhouse

Both of these covers are kind of nutty and awesome for different reasons. The main cover is awesome because through all the chaos that’s going on with Green Lantern, Larfleeze and stuff on fire, The Rockettes are still kicking up a storm. The subtle nod to The Grinch that Stole Christmas is a good look as well. In the variant  cover, I can’t help but marvel at the Larfleeze’s quad development. Maybe he should get another one-shot when the Olympics come around.

That’s all for this week. If you’ve got a cover I missed, sent it to and we’ll mention it on the site next week.

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