New Feature – Best Covers of the Week (12/15)

Jared here with a new feature on the site. A weekly post on the best comic covers of the week. Cover art on comics, to me, gets overlooked alot of the time in its importance.There are many great artists out there helping writers get their foot in the reader’s door with an intriguing cover. There are also alot of crazy, “Why/What/How is this happening?!?!” covers as well that we’ve all seen and have been memorable for other reasons that the artist and publishers didn’t intended. So, I’ll try and bring you the best, worst and interesting covers of the week. If you’ve got any that I missed or if you think the ones I picked are crap, send your own picks to us at and put “Covers of the Week” in the subject line. And with that, here we go:

Betty and Veronica #251; Cover by Dan Parent

I love this cover because it proves the age old adage that hot chicks never get cold. Not even when they wear bikinis in the winter.

Angel #40; cover B by Elena Casagrande

I don’t read Angel, but big shout outs to Mrs. Casagrande for the Blade Runner movie poster throwback. Now, make one Raiders of the Lost Ark style.

Superman #706 cover by John Cassaday and David Baron

I like this simply because Superman didn’t seem to like the Dakotas very much on his walk across America. I suppose I should be glad it wasn’t Ohio.

The Suicide Forest #1; Cover by Gabriel Hernandez

This cover is pretty dark and ominous and fits the whole theme of the book very well. It worth pointing out that the art inside also by Gabriel Hernandez. So if you like the cover art, check out the whole thing. It’s a really interesting first issue.

Night of the Living Dead Holiday Special; Gore cover by Matt Martin

Night of the Living Dead Holiday Special; Cover by Raulo Caceres

And finally, Night of the Living Dead Holiday Special. While technically these came out two weeks ago, I think that it’s fair to include these anyway. I like the fact that these covers had to have passed by a number of eyes to make it to store shelves and those eyes thought “You know, I don’t see a problem here”. I also like that between both covers, they have the potential of offending anyone’s view of the holiday.

Again, if you’ve got a special cover that warms your heart or you think that I’m way off base, let us know at

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