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Each Month Diamond Comics puts out their catalog of comics & items shipping in the next two months (and sometimes beyond). While the massive tome is a one-stop shopping wonderland for the comics fan, sometimes the new and good stuff can get lost in the shuffle. That’s where Super-Fly steps in. Each month we go through and highlight the new and important stuff shipping that month, be it a new series, a new original graphic novel, an important creative team change or a new direction. We’ve got you covered! If you’re interested in the full Previews Experience, remember we do offer Previews free to all of our Subscription customers that would like it. If there’s anything you’d like to your subscription or would like to special order, drop us an email and we’ll get you hooked up. If you’re interested in our Subscription service, click the subscriptions tab at the top of the page.

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Its PREVIEWS week! Eeek!

As we round up the final vestiges of yet another year shuffled off towards its grave (TAKE THAT CHRONOS!), is important to take some time and reflect… On all the awesome comics coming out next year!! And now, for a limited time (until we run out of stock, that is) YOU CAN DO JUST THAT! All this and more….with this week’s PREVIEWS CATALOG!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! This week (and only this week) we’ve also got the following goodies coming in!
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Best Covers of the Week – 12/22

Hello again, vigilant comic reader. Jared here again with the best covers of the week of December 22. We had some good ones last week, but the week of Christmas has some pretty great covers. So get ready and check these out.

Superman/Batman #79;Cover by FIONA STAPLES

I like this strictly for Robo Robin. He means business. Clearly. Also, I’m unsure about what they are standing on.  Super heroes can do amazing things. I guess.

Iinvincible #76; Cover by Ryan Ottley

That’s what make some people heroes and others not: the ability to take two thumbs in the eyes and keep coming.

Deadpool #30; Cover by Dave Johnson

Get it? That’s what vampires do. Stay classy, Deadpool….

Justice League Of America #52 Variant; Cover by David Mack

This cover is awesome. Water colors make everything better. Great likeness of Super Girl and Batman on this one.

Zatanna #8; Cover by Stephane Roux

Puppets are pretty scary. The evil Grover and Big Bird are frightening, but the fact that Jeff Dunham’s Walter puppet is included in this is the scariest part of the whole cover.

Archie #616; Cover by Dan Parent and Tito Pena

I’ll just say this about this: God have mercy on our souls if this ever happens………

Green Lantern: Larfleeze Christmas Special #1; Cover by Gene Ha

Green Lantern: Larfleeze Christmas Special #1; Variant Cover by Brett Booth and Andrew Dalhouse

Both of these covers are kind of nutty and awesome for different reasons. The main cover is awesome because through all the chaos that’s going on with Green Lantern, Larfleeze and stuff on fire, The Rockettes are still kicking up a storm. The subtle nod to The Grinch that Stole Christmas is a good look as well. In the variant  cover, I can’t help but marvel at the Larfleeze’s quad development. Maybe he should get another one-shot when the Olympics come around.

That’s all for this week. If you’ve got a cover I missed, sent it to and we’ll mention it on the site next week.










Seriously, though, we’re all pretty special now aren’t we?  And not in that ‘Olympics’ kind of way – unless you are (in which case, good for you – I hear the competition’s fierce).  That said, who amongst us doesn’t deserve to treat themselves to a holiday present for themselves?  If you raised your hand, I’m going to smack you – OF COURSE YOU DESERVE SOMETHING COOL!  And who better to pick it out than yourself?! Amirite?

WELL, along those lines, we’ve got *all kinds* of wild goodies coming in this week!  In addition to our standard allotment of new comics and graphic novels, we’re also getting FOUR (count ’em FOUR) action figure assortments, more caffeinated marshmallows (to help you fight off ghosts, duh!), Star Trek Bottle Openers,  and all sorts of other ridiculous stuff!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  How could there possibly be more awesome than this, you ask?  FOOLS! Tremble before the awesome might of Adam WarRock!!  We’ve just received a fresh restock of his newest album: The War For Infinity! Don’t forget to come checkout his LIVE PERFORMANCE here at Super-Fly on January 14th!  The show will be FREE, but with a suggested donation to benefit Heroes Initiative!  How awesome is that? Super-Awesome?  Yeah, we know.

Anyway; click here for this week’s shipping list:
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New Feature – Best Covers of the Week (12/15)

Jared here with a new feature on the site. A weekly post on the best comic covers of the week. Cover art on comics, to me, gets overlooked alot of the time in its importance.There are many great artists out there helping writers get their foot in the reader’s door with an intriguing cover. There are also alot of crazy, “Why/What/How is this happening?!?!” covers as well that we’ve all seen and have been memorable for other reasons that the artist and publishers didn’t intended. So, I’ll try and bring you the best, worst and interesting covers of the week. If you’ve got any that I missed or if you think the ones I picked are crap, send your own picks to us at and put “Covers of the Week” in the subject line. And with that, here we go:

Betty and Veronica #251; Cover by Dan Parent

I love this cover because it proves the age old adage that hot chicks never get cold. Not even when they wear bikinis in the winter.

Angel #40; cover B by Elena Casagrande

I don’t read Angel, but big shout outs to Mrs. Casagrande for the Blade Runner movie poster throwback. Now, make one Raiders of the Lost Ark style.

Superman #706 cover by John Cassaday and David Baron

I like this simply because Superman didn’t seem to like the Dakotas very much on his walk across America. I suppose I should be glad it wasn’t Ohio.

The Suicide Forest #1; Cover by Gabriel Hernandez

This cover is pretty dark and ominous and fits the whole theme of the book very well. It worth pointing out that the art inside also by Gabriel Hernandez. So if you like the cover art, check out the whole thing. It’s a really interesting first issue.

Night of the Living Dead Holiday Special; Gore cover by Matt Martin

Night of the Living Dead Holiday Special; Cover by Raulo Caceres

And finally, Night of the Living Dead Holiday Special. While technically these came out two weeks ago, I think that it’s fair to include these anyway. I like the fact that these covers had to have passed by a number of eyes to make it to store shelves and those eyes thought “You know, I don’t see a problem here”. I also like that between both covers, they have the potential of offending anyone’s view of the holiday.

Again, if you’ve got a special cover that warms your heart or you think that I’m way off base, let us know at

SNOWPOCALYPSE DON’T STOP COMICS! (Snowmageddon might though…We’re still waiting on lab results)

THEY SAID IT WOULDN’T HAPPEN, BUT IT DID!  IT DID!  Comics are, in fact coming out this week (insert obligatory South Park ‘We didn’t listen!’ joke here).

Comics are, in fact, so coming out that we’ve even got a list of ’em!  SO, If you’re brave enough to trek the treacherous tundra (alliteration!), come on down and peep this week’s new books this Wednesday!  Yes, I still know what I’m doing.

In other news, announced this week is our newest, coolest, hipest (but not hipsterest) event yet!  NerdCore artist Adam WarRock will be performing IN STORE for our musical and lyrical enjoyment on January 14th!  This show will be *FREE* but we’ll have a ‘suggested donation’ of $3-5 to help Mr. WarRock cover his travel expenses.  If for some reason you’re a maniac who hasn’t heard of Adam WarRock (and let’s face it, only a maniac wouldn’t have), you can find his website here: We’ll have his Album in the shop for sale as soon as he gets in the mail for us (touring makes it difficult to find regular shipping services).  Keep your eyes peeled on this location – also Facebook and MySpace for more details as they arrive!

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I know what I’m doing, I SWEAR IT! Also, apparently there are new comics this week.

Haha! Jokes on you! I have no clue what I’m doing! No, really, can somebody please tell me? I’ve no idea where I am, but its dark and wet and I’m pretty sure something just bit one of my toes…

REGARDLESS, despite the tragic loss of our intrepid internet engineer, Tad, to the wintery wastelands of the windy city (alliteration!) today we march bravely forward to bring you… THIS WEEK’S COMICS! (Cue sounder…. What do you mean there’s no sounder?? Somebody find Jared, he’s *so* fired!)

Pics of the week include but are not limited to: 27 #1 – the story of a musician who has reached that magical age…and the surreal path he follows endeavoring not to die like so many of his brothers-in-arms; Fables #100, complete with built-in board game so you too can enjoy the magic of Little Boy Blue’s Snicker Snack Vorpal Sword!; the HOTLY anticipated arrival of the Star Trek Khan Ruling in Hell Kahn Plush Doll – KHAAAAAAAAAN!!! – also… I dunno, some other crap look for yerself! You expect me to all the work around here? C’MON SON!
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