Comics & Items Shipping November 17th

No, this is it! For real! This is the last time Bruce Wayne is coming back! Well okay, he came back last week in The Return of Bruce Wayne (and the week before that in Batman & Robin #16…and the weeks before that in the Road Home “one-shots”), but now he’s back in action in TWO titles this week: BATMAN: THE RETURN, by Grant Morrison & David Finch and BATMAN, INC. by Morrison and Yanick Paquette. Finally, no more cosmic space madness and exploding capes, but Batman kicking ass on a global scale.

Also out this week, two of my favorite series that I will never stop talking about, MORNING GLORIES and THE SIXTH GUN. They are amazing, and we’ve still got copies of the first issue of them for folks to check out and have a chance to prove me wrong (BTW, I’m not wrong). The second issue of David Lapham’s insanely amazing DEADPOOLMAX miniseries is here, reminding you it’s the only Deadpool you’ll ever need, DARKWING DUCK continues his second arc as he faces off against NegaDuck and Magic De Spell, FLASH shows up late in true Barry Allen fashion and we get a look at OSBORN in prison. It’s Oz, the Marvel Universe way!

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Comics & Items Shipping November 10th

Thanks to everyone who came out and saw us at Mid Ohio Con. We had a blast selling stuff and hanging out with our good friends at Panels On Pages. Look for all kinds of awesome video of us doing the PoP Rocks & Coke Dr. Topper Challenge, Big Gavin Cool arm wrestling some of the coolest creators at the show and our attempts at completing the Dagwood Challenge at the Ohio Deli. You can also hear about our awesome weekend on the latest episode of our podcast. I mean, if you aren’t listening to our podcast what kind of customer are you anyway?

As we recover for our massive weekend of frivolity, here’s some of the stuff that’s coming out this week. THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE finally wraps up, which is good since he’s back everywhere else in the DCU (I can only blame Darkseid’s Omega Effect for this level of scheduling nonsense), DUNGEONS & DRAGONS returns to comic form from IDW, Dustin Nguyen takes over art duties on the amazing BATGIRL series, the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN goes twice monthly as he enters the “Big Time,” a new non-event where Peter gets the “big job,” gets the girl and begins to actually “make it” in the world, Hank Pym and Eric O’Grady have what may be the best “I hate you” team-up ever in ANT-MAN & THE WASP by Hack/Slash’s Tim Seeley and both green She-Hulks get their team-up on in SHE-HULKS.

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Comics & Items Shipping Wednesday, November 3rd

Fall finally has us in its increasingly chilly grip, and there are few better indoor activities that I can think of than curling up with good comics. Okay, maybe Parcheesi is a little better. Maybe. This week we’ll also be girding our loins to take Columbus and Mid Ohio Con by storm. While we do, here’s some of the best stuff that’s coming out this week.

Conner Kent gets another shot at an on-going title (this time trading in Hawaii for Smallville), and Jeff Lemire’s SUPERBOY is poised to make rural science fiction adventure the go-to genre of the new millennium. The Five Lights (read five new mutants) that appeared at the end of the X-Men’s Second Coming Event take center stage in the Keiron Gillen written GENERATION HOPE (why they aren’t putting them in one of the existing X-titles I don’t know, but Gillen is an excellent writer). Grant Morrison finishes the second chapter of his Batman epic in BATMAN & ROBIN as Bruce Wayne sort-of returns (again, or is it still?) in the final fight against Doctor Hurt. Eric Shanower and Skottie Young’s adaptations of the Oz books continue in OZMA OF OZ, Rick Remender brings Frank Castle back to regular-guy-killing-criminals form in PUNISHER: IN BLOOD, HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD and YOUNG ALLIES end their runs (although H&M will continue in WIDOWMAKER) and the video game franchise adaptation/expansion wave continues with SILENT HILL: PAST LIFE.

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