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For the past 20 weeks we’ve brought you some of the best in comic book podcasting entertainment. What’s that? You haven’t been listening to the Super-Fly Comics & Games podcast? Shame on you! Well, we’re a forgiving lot, so we’re going to let that slide, but under one condition: you go check out our most recent episode post-haste! I will, however, take this opportunity to tell you that the Super-Fly podcast, as with all podcasts on the Panels on Pages PoP Cast network are labeled “explicit” by iTunes. It’s all in good fun, though. Since we’re part of the PoP Cast network, we all though it’d be a good time to see which show on the network can get the most downloads & the most positive reviews on iTunes so they can have, well…bragging rights? Those are important, right? You can subscribe to the entire PoP Cast network via iTunes and get our show every Tuesday, the main Panels on Pages PoP Cast every Wednesday and the Princess Cast (which looks at geek culture from a female point of view) every Thursday. Plus, if you miss any of the PCN shows, every Monday Last Week in PoP boils together the best (and worst) stuff from the three network shows. A full list of the network shows (including us!) can be found here.

However! As great as all that is, don’t forget your Super-Fly loyalty! If you want to continue to get the best & funniest in comic book and gaming infotainment, log into your iTunes, subscribe to the Panels on Pages network, download episode 20 of our show (one of our finest moments, if I do say so myself) and then leave a 5 star review mentioning how the Super-Fly podcast changed your life (life changing not guaranteed). Still not convinced? Well, check this out…

The Super-Fly Podcast…for America

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