Super-Fly November Previews Digest

Each Month Diamond Comics puts out their catalog of comics & items shipping in the next two months (and sometimes beyond). While the massive tome is a one-stop shopping wonderland for the comics fan, sometimes the new and good stuff can get lost in the shuffle. That’s where Super-Fly steps in. Each month we go through and highlight the new and important stuff shipping that month, be it a new series, a new original graphic novel, an important creative team change or a new direction. We’ve got you covered! If you’re interested in the full Previews Experience, remember we do offer Previews free to all of our Subscription customers that would like it. If there’s anything you’d like to your subscription or would like to special order, drop us an email and we’ll get you hooked up. If you’re interested in our Subscription service, click the subscriptions tab at the top of the page. The list is below, with extra-notable and special items highlighted in yellow.

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Comics & Items Shipping October 27th

It may be Halloween weekend, but the treat we’re looking forward to is Mid Ohio Con on November 6th & 7th. You’ll be able to find us at the show at booth 516, and we’ll have plenty of good deals for you. Speaking of deals, let’s check out this week’s comics.

The big ticket item of the week is the SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE hardcover, which re-imagines Superman’s origin in present day in one big graphic novel. This week JT Krul takes the reigns on TEEN TITANS, Brubaker & Philips’ INCOGNITO returns, the SECRET AVENGERS track down legally non-actionable Fu Manchu, the AVENGERS end their battle against Ultron in the future and Jill Thompson teams HELLBOY AND THE BEASTS OF BURDEN.

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Comics & Items Shipping October 20th

Last week was a pretty big week for comics (especially for those with a “Bat” in the title), but this week is big as well. Not just for comics, but we’ve got the Twilight Star Studios One-Year Anniversary Party here this Saturday. From 3p to 7p we’ll have the gang from the Springfield-based studio. Check out the link for the full list of the days attendees and events and prepare to have your mind blown because it’s going to be pretty damn epic.

Now let’s check out the pretty damn epic comics coming out this week. The third issue of the blockbuster new Image series MORNING GLORIES hits shelves, as well as the 4th (and final!) printings of the 1st issue. Trust me, this is a series you want to get in on the ground floor of. Stan Lee’s SOLDIER ZERO kicks off at Boom! studios, CARNAGE makes his 90’s-tastic return to the Marvel U, BATMAN AND ROBIN returns to finish up the “Batman and Robin Must Die” (and yes, they’re bringing two more BRUCE WAYNE: THE ROAD HOME specials with them), and last but not least THE SIXTH GUN, my other favorite new comic of the year comes out. Remember kids: it’s quality, not quantity!

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