Comics & Items Shipping September 1st

It’s September already! Time for evening walks in the crisp fall air through fallen leaves, coming home and drinking warm Apple Cider and sitting down by the fire. Mmmmm, good times. Wait, it’s still supposed to be 90 degrees this week. Crap. Here’s this week’s new stuff.

WOLVERINE gets a new number one (but don’t worry, Jason Aaron is still writing it) and he’s apparently going to Hell because of it. Greg Rucka’s STUMPTOWN finally finishes, most likely in the most awesome way possible, HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD continue to be great, the FREEDOM FIGHTERS pick up the fight again with Palmiotti & Gray, the SECRET SIX take on all villains, THE INCREDIBLE HULKS become the best traveling family band since the Partridges and OUR ARMY AT WAR continues to fight for Mom, apple pie and babies.

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Comics & Items Shipping August 25th

This week there’s plenty of stuff coming out in addition to your usual fix of comics. We’ve got the 5th series of BLACKEST NIGHT ACTION FIGURES, a new assortment of MARVEL UNIVERSE ACTION FIGURES, the next assortment of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS HEROSCAPE figures, as well HALO & IRON MAN 2 MEGA BLOKS. PLUS busts of Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton from TRUE BLOOD. If that’s not enough, there are actually comics coming out this week!

Straczynski continues the mystery of the WONDER WOMAN reboot, the AVENGERS travel to the future to fight their kids, the Lord of Vampires fights corporate raiders in Boom! Studios’ DRACULA: IN THE COMPANY OF MONSTERS, NAMOR takes a stab (or a swim) at another on-going series, Grant Morrison finishes his road-map and the final issue of SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN is finally rocketed from its homeworld on the planet “Late.”

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Comics & Items Shipping August 18th

Big thanks to everyone who came out to the Art show and Zombie Walk, braving the hot, thunderous and occasionally power interrupting weather. It was great to see all of our artist regulars like Zane Reichert, Joe Pruitt and Rusty Shackles, as well as newcomers from Twilight Star studios in Springfield. Thankfully, the weather managed to clear up just in time for the Zombie Walk to happen, and there were a great many crowds and zombies walking about and lots of money and food were collected for Home Inc. Then, to protect from threat of rain local metalheads Doctor Meat played their show in our warm, comicy embrace. Stay tuned for pics!

In the mean time, this weeks new comics include Harlan Ellison’s return to comics in PHOENIX WITHOUT ASHES. The SECRET AVENGERS continuing their adventure on Mars, IMAGE UNITED #3 actually ships (get ready to hold your breath for a loooooong time for #4), AVENGERS & THE INFINITY GAUNTLET retells the Infinity Gauntlet saga for an all-ages audience, the SIXTH GUN continues its inaugural arc and being one of the best new comics of the year, the NEW AVENGERS continue trying to set the world of the mystic right, STAR WARS LEGACY wraps up a 50-issue run with the promise of more Legacy-era books to come and the comic adaptation of TRUE BLOOD sates fans thirst for more Sookie and Bill.

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Super-Fly Reads: Shadoweyes

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I’m a sucker for dark stories. That’s what leads me to start reading stories from Ross Campbell. His work on Water Baby and Wet Moon are well told and very bizarre worlds filled with both real life issues that we all have and crazy crap that you couldn’t fathom happening to you. Shadoweyes is one of those deals.


In the city of Dranac, in the year 200X, moody teenager Scout Montana is an aspiring vigilante, but her plans go awry and end up with her finding that she’s able to transform into a blue, superhuman creature. With this new body she becomes the superhero Shadoweyes: forced out of society, yet still bound to it. Scout’s new life is just getting started, and things won’t be easy.

The main character, Scout Montana, is your average teenager. Adding on the stress of school, friends, the neighborhood watch with her friend Kyisha Lynn and oh yeah, living in Dranac in the not so distant future. Dranac looks like a bomb went off in the middle of town. Or one of you major, downtrodden mid-western cities. Think Dayton, Oh… about 6 months from now. Gangs have taken certain parts of the city and people in general have to do what they can to get by.One night, Scout feels not so well in the middle of the night, goes to the bathroom and finds herself transforming. Transforming into a superhuman blue creature with photosensitive eyes. Needless to say, this doesn’t really make life easy for Scout.
She decides to start really helping the city by not just fighting crime, but helping people with small problems as well. It was pretty funny to see on the front page of one of the newspapers “Shadoweyes Helps Child with Biology Homework” In helping people, she runs across a few people that you end up seeing again in the book, including the beyond annoying Sparkle Park. I really hope they are leading to something with her because as it stands now, I am waiting for something bad to happen to her so I don’t have to see her anymore. The fact that she likes a card game called “Pony Circle” (that has a striking similarity to Magic:The Gathering) makes me dislike her more. In fact, something something does happen to her and that is how Shadoweyes gets introduced to Ms. Park. It’ll be interesting to see where the story goes. It seems like it could be a standalone book, but it looks like this will be an ongoing series. Hopefully, it comes out quicker then the Wet Moon books have been making it out.

I really dug this, like I’ve been digging all of Campbell’s books I’ve read so far. The uncanny way he seems to relate his characters to real life situations and mix them with completely off the wall plot turns that makes you really want to keep reading to see how everyone will reacts to said change. I dig that and things like that make me want to keep reading as well. I am looking forward to the next book, “Shadoweyes in Love”

Read this……now.

Shadoweyes is available now for $14.95 from SLG Publishing.


Yellow Springs Book Fair is August 21st!

The Yellow Springs tradition returns on August 21st! As it happens every August, Book Vendors from all over will descend onto the Mills Lawn School Grounds from 9am to 5pm, delivering to you great deals on new, used and collectible books at great prices. If you’re looking to pick up some books to keep you company this Fall, this is the time to do it.

Now, of course, you know that it’s not just all about the fancy no-picture books. We’ll be there and we always feel the need to class-up (or class-down, depending on how classy you are) the joint with our own brand of comic book mayhem. This year, all the comics at our book fair set-up will be HALF OFF THE MARKED PRICE. No, you didn’t go deaf from awesome, all our comics at the book fair will indeed be 50% off their marked price. If you’re looking to plumb the depths of our back issues, this is the weekend to do it!

Also, if you’ve got books of your own that you’re looking to sell, professional book dealer or not, you can set up and sell your wares as well. There’s no charge for space, and set-up begins at 7am (or later, if you’re not an early riser. After 7 space is at a first come, first served basis).

So be sure to come see us and all of the other book vendors on Saturday, August 21st from 9am to 7pm!

Comics & Items Shipping August 11th

This weekend is our 4th Live Art Show AND the 2nd Annual Zombie Walk, PLUS Scott Pilgrim premieres this Friday ALSO Madden 11 comes out today. It’s exhausting, especially in this heat, but that’s a rookie mistake. There’s still comics to buy, and some damn good ones this week. Top of the list is the new Image Comics ongoing from Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma, MORNING GLORIES. I’ve read a preview copy of this and it lives up big time to the “Runaways meets Lost” premise. LOCKE & KEY returns with its fourth miniseries KEYS TO THE KINGDOM, Guy Gardner takes center stage in GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD WARRIORS, the BPRD struggles with their biggest threat ever in HELL ON EARTH, the BIRDS OF PREY continue their battle with the Penguin and the White Canary, the World War Hulks (finally) begins its final orbit in INCREDIBLE HULK, we reach the penultimate chapter of HACK/SLASH: MY FIRST MANIAC and ULTIMATE AVENGERS continues to plow ahead as the Avengers fight vampires (I’m surprised there’s any vampires left for people to fight nowadays).

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Comics & Items Shipping August 4th

As we get ready for our trio of August Awesomeness (Art Show, Zombie Walk and Yellow Springs Book Fair), here’s a look at this week’s comics that will try to keep us cool in the face of unrelenting heat and boredom (until 14th, that is…)

Bendis and Alan Davis continue Cap, Thor & Iron Man’s road trip through a ruined Asgard in AVENGERS: PRIME, Daredevil continues his reign of terror in SHADOWLAND, David Lapham’s CROSSED: FAMILY VALUES continues is descent into depravity and speaking of, Joe Quesada continues the “What really happened on Peter and Mary Jane’s wedding day” story in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Plus, we’ve got DC Universe glasses, Batman Reborn action figures, a Star Wars Play-Doh set and a pretty kick-ass Doctor Doom statue.

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Super-Fly Reads: Jeff Lemire

We have a lot of great stuff at Super-Fly from well established comic creators, but every once in awhile, a relatively new talent gains some well-deserved notoriety. One such hot comics writer/artist on the rise is Canadian Jeff Lemire. Lemire may be best known for the current Vertigo ongoing Sweet Tooth, which is a phenomenal series, and he has a few other works that are definitely worth checking out too.

Lemire’s masterpiece Essex County released by Top Shelf Productions is a large volume containing three short stories that stand alone, yet interlock at the same time—all centered around the small farming community of Essex County in Canada. Each story is beautiful and moving in its own way, and the whole book is quite an experience to read. While stories deal with a man recounting his life and the mistakes he’s made and a nursing home nurse who touches many in the community, my favorite one is the first story of the book. In it, a young boy named Lester, (who is so committed to fantasy that he wears a cape and mask everywhere he goes,) befriends the local tough guy, Jimmy and they forge a friendship based on their love of hockey and comics. Will Lester ever grow out of the fantasy? You’ll have to read to find out. The great thing about the collected Essex County is that it comes with good bonus material including reproductions of things given away at cons and a separate bonus story that was not originally included.

Lemire’s The Nobody released by Vertigo is a small tourist town take on the Invisible Man, but it is unique with more focus on intolerance and the true meaning of friendship rather than being a horror story. Much like Essex County, Lemire nails the small town feeling with the community of Large Mouth. When a stranger named John Griffen comes to town, how will the townspeople react to his presence? Especially after he keeps to himself, refusing to see anyone save for his making friends with a teenage girl, Vickie. There’s mysteries, love, sorrow, friendship and remorse in a wonderfully conceived story that definitely belongs in your graphic novel collection.

Finally is the ongoing Sweet Tooth being currently released by Vertigo every month. Sweet Tooth is the story of a post-apocalyptic world in which a virus has wiped out most of mankind, and children born after the virus were animal-human hybrids. Gus is one of these children and has antlers, and after his father dies, he is aided by a man named Jepperd. Before you get “post-apocalyptic world” fatigue on me, I have to say that Sweet Tooth is different, and better, than most. I don’t want to give much of anything else away here, but rest assured, their journey is not an easy one. I will tell you though if I could only buy a couple comics a month, one of them would be Sweet Tooth. It’s that good. Sweet Tooth just released issue #11, but if you need to catch up, don’t worry! A trade paperback of the first five issues has just been released, making it a perfect place for you to start. Don’t miss the boat on this incredible critically acclaimed series!

All of the above are written and drawn by Jeff Lemire, and his art is very excellent as well. Lemire has his own style that blurs reality and cartoon elements and comes up somewhere very pleasant in between. Some of his art is beautiful, some of it haunting and all of it is the perfect accompaniment to his words.

Jeff has just entered the realm of super hero comics, writing the Brightest Day The Atom Special released recently and will soon write the Atom co-feature in DC’s Adventure Comics. Lemire will also be bringing his small town sensibility when he writes the adventures of Conner Kent in Smallville in the upcoming Superboy comic.

We should have much of Jeff Lemire’s work in stock, but if not, we’re always happy to special order it for you! So come on in and check out the works of Jeff Lemire, you won’t regret it!