Comics & Items Shipping September 1st

It’s September already! Time for evening walks in the crisp fall air through fallen leaves, coming home and drinking warm Apple Cider and sitting down by the fire. Mmmmm, good times. Wait, it’s still supposed to be 90 degrees this week. Crap. Here’s this week’s new stuff.

WOLVERINE gets a new number one (but don’t worry, Jason Aaron is still writing it) and he’s apparently going to Hell because of it. Greg Rucka’s STUMPTOWN finally finishes, most likely in the most awesome way possible, HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD continue to be great, the FREEDOM FIGHTERS pick up the fight again with Palmiotti & Gray, the SECRET SIX take on all villains, THE INCREDIBLE HULKS become the best traveling family band since the Partridges and OUR ARMY AT WAR continues to fight for Mom, apple pie and babies.

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Comics & Items Shipping August 25th

This week there’s plenty of stuff coming out in addition to your usual fix of comics. We’ve got the 5th series of BLACKEST NIGHT ACTION FIGURES, a new assortment of MARVEL UNIVERSE ACTION FIGURES, the next assortment of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS HEROSCAPE figures, as well HALO & IRON MAN 2 MEGA BLOKS. PLUS busts of Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton from TRUE BLOOD. If that’s not enough, there are actually comics coming out this week!

Straczynski continues the mystery of the WONDER WOMAN reboot, the AVENGERS travel to the future to fight their kids, the Lord of Vampires fights corporate raiders in Boom! Studios’ DRACULA: IN THE COMPANY OF MONSTERS, NAMOR takes a stab (or a swim) at another on-going series, Grant Morrison finishes his road-map and the final issue of SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN is finally rocketed from its homeworld on the planet “Late.”

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Comics & Items Shipping August 18th

Big thanks to everyone who came out to the Art show and Zombie Walk, braving the hot, thunderous and occasionally power interrupting weather. It was great to see all of our artist regulars like Zane Reichert, Joe Pruitt and Rusty Shackles, as well as newcomers from Twilight Star studios in Springfield. Thankfully, the weather managed to clear up just in time for the Zombie Walk to happen, and there were a great many crowds and zombies walking about and lots of money and food were collected for Home Inc. Then, to protect from threat of rain local metalheads Doctor Meat played their show in our warm, comicy embrace. Stay tuned for pics!

In the mean time, this weeks new comics include Harlan Ellison’s return to comics in PHOENIX WITHOUT ASHES. The SECRET AVENGERS continuing their adventure on Mars, IMAGE UNITED #3 actually ships (get ready to hold your breath for a loooooong time for #4), AVENGERS & THE INFINITY GAUNTLET retells the Infinity Gauntlet saga for an all-ages audience, the SIXTH GUN continues its inaugural arc and being one of the best new comics of the year, the NEW AVENGERS continue trying to set the world of the mystic right, STAR WARS LEGACY wraps up a 50-issue run with the promise of more Legacy-era books to come and the comic adaptation of TRUE BLOOD sates fans thirst for more Sookie and Bill.

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