Super-Fly Art Show & Yellow Springs Zombie Walk

On Saturday August 14th, we’ll be doing another one of our legendary Live Art shows, featuring live music from resident DJ JFX316 and some of the best artists in the Miami Valley who will be drawing, sketching, painting and otherwise plying their crafts for you, their adoring public. This month the show will be from 2pm to 7pm and we’ll be having a special theme: Zombies! Not only is it a them rife with artistic possibilities, it goes well with the other big event of the day: The Second Annual Yellow Springs Zombie Walk!

The Yellow Springs Zombie Walk is a non-profit charity event benefiting Home, Inc. Participants are encouraged to bring a cash or non-perishable food donation for Home Inc, and there will also be a charity raffle featuring items from us, the Import House, Brother Bear’s Coffee and more. At 8pm on Saturday the 14th, the Zombie walk will begin and proceed through the downtown Yellow Springs area, culminating in a free live performance at 100 Corry Street by local metal legends Doctor Meat.

It’s a full day of art, music and zombie shenanigans all for free and a good cause.

Super-Fly August Previews Digest

Each Month Diamond Comics puts out their catalog of comics & items shipping in the next two months (and sometimes beyond). While the massive tome is a one-stop shopping wonderland for the comics fan, sometimes the new and good stuff can get lost in the shuffle. That’s where Super-Fly steps in. Each month we go through and highlight the new and important stuff shipping that month, be it a new series, a new original graphic novel, an important creative team change or a new direction. We’ve got you covered! If you’re interested in the full Previews Experience, remember we do offer Previews free to all of our Subscription customers that would like it. If there’s anything you’d like to your subscription or would like to special order, drop us an email and we’ll get you hooked up. If you’re interested in our Subscription service, click the subscriptions tab at the top of the page.

We’ll be going through this issue of Previews on the 12th episode our weekly podcast, which will be going live on August 3rd. Click through the break to read the June edition of our Previews Digest (which requires Adobe Acrobat), and you can jump to each of the premiere publishers using the bookmark function on the left side of the Acrobat window.
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Comics & Items Shipping July 28th

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Scott Pilgrim was our best seller last week. What will take the cake this week? Who knows, but I will point out that we’ll be making our first appearance in the “Shop Talk” section of Wizard magazine. Does this mean we’ve made it to the big time? I’d like to think we were already there, but I suppose that’s for our (hopefully) adoring public to decide.

We’ve got a fair amount of Batman this week, with THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE (Coyboy Batman) and the special and regular DVD editions of the animated UNDER THE RED HOOD movie (which is actually pretty damn sweet, if you ask me). Also, Kevin Smith wraps up BATMAN: WIDENING GYRE. Brian Bendis continues his new Ultimate Trilogy with ULTIMATE MYSTERY, wherein the new Ultimate villain may or may not be revealed (that’s probably the mystery). FEAR AGENT returns for its swan song, FLASH shows up after ironically running late, the Top Cow Universe event ARTIFACTS kicks off and Max Brooks continues his examinations of Joes & Cobras in G.I. JOE: HEARTS AND MINDS. Plus, the totally not-controversial WONDER WOMAN comes out. Well, it arrives in stores. Her coming out is a whole ‘nother controversy. Plus, this month’s PREVIEWS catalog is here, so stay tuned for our Previews Digest and the Previews episode of the Super-Fly podcast. Mmm-hmm, good times.

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