HeroClix Tournament this Sunday, June 6th at 3pm

For those of you that are into the HeroClix scene, here’s our Clix-Meister General Brent with details for the latest tournament he’s cooked up.

Join us Sunday, June 6th at 3pm for the next event. I want to try something different. I saw this one online and thought it was a cool idea.. The Last Man Standing. All players will build a force consisting of 1 figure from each of the following point values:


All players will play on the same map. You will start the game with your 1-50 point figure only. As figures are KO’d, they are replaced with the figure in the next points bracket. When a figure is KO’d, the replacement figure enters the game in your starting area. The goal is to be the Last Man Standing.
Team builds are Unrestricted. However, no Feat, Battlefield Conditions, or Bystanders.
I have a very cool, expandable, custom map we will be playing on.

Be sure to be here and bring your A-Game…or any game really. We’ve got Clix players of all ranks to challenge.

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