Super-Fly Comics & Games Official Podcast is now available!

It’s now live and free to air on iTunes. The first installment of our new weekly podcast is up and available for your download through the Panels on Pages “PoP-Cast Network.” You can find it at Panels On or you can also find it through iTunes here .

If you’ve got something you’re dying to know about your favorite Super-Fly people, have a burning question you need answered or listen to the show and would like to register a formal complaint, send us an email at and let us know that it’s for the show and your email may or may not be read on the air in one of Gavin’s fabulous voices.

Plus, there’s a special offer for customers of the store at the end of the show, so keep your ears peeled! Even better? You’ll see us again, every Tuesday evening. It’s the perfect thing to fill the void now that Lost is done on Tuesdays…

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