Next Big Event: Live Art Show This Saturday May 8th

Thanks to everyone that came out to Free Comic Book Day and made it a huge success. Super big thanks to the 501st Storm Trooper Legion for entertaining the troops. It was a crazy day and a great time. But, onward and upward. Our events can’t stop. Won’t stop. Don’t stop. The next big event is the second Super-Fly Live Art Show. Early reports are that we’ll have as many, if not more, artists then the last show. Our resident DJ, JFX316, is working up a setlist of pretty off the wall music to set the tone. If that’s not enough, word is that he’ll have copies of his new mixtape, “The Halls of Insomnia” FOR FREE!

We’ll be starting at 2pm and going through the day until 7pm. There’s still time, artists. If you’d like to participate, contact us at and let us know what you are doing and how much space you need. Art lovers, come in and support the artists by buying some of their wares. Music lovers, wonder at the diverse combination of music coming out of the sound system. Comic lovers…we’ll be selling comics. It’s kind of what we do here.

Yet another event from you friendly neighborhood comic store, Super-Fly Comics.

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