So this is it folks: The final chapter of BLACKEST NIGHT. We’ve been waiting how many years now for it all to be over, and it all comes down to this. Who lives, who dies, who gets to be what color will all be decided in this issue. In addition, you can keep the celebration going with two Blackest Night posters, Brightest Day T-shirts (featuring the white lantern symbols) and maybe even a reload of Lantern rings. In addition, the X-Men kick off their “years in the making” event in X-MEN SECOND COMING, the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA recover from the events of Cry for Justice (while dealing with Blackest Night, or they deal with it after Blackest Night, or something), HACK/SLASH prepares to set sail for Image, the FANTASTIC FOUR investigate the Inhumans former home on the moon, and the crosstime crossover between Batman & Batwoman continues in DETECTIVE COMICS. Plus, we’ve got a Japanese Marvel skateboard deck.

Yes, a skateboard deck.

The rest of this weeks stuff after the break!
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More Art Show News!

Here’s some more info about the art show we’ve got coming up! We’re still signing up artists, many of whom will be taking commissions and selling their artwork throughout the day, as well as during the gallery show that evening.

On April 3rd, Super-Fly Comics & Games will be celebrating art and music with a live art & music show. At 2pm, artists across all mediums and genres will be producing original art to the sounds of original music from Super-Fly resident DJ, JFX 316. The event will culminate in a gallery showing in the store at 8pm, where the artists will be showing the art that was created that day.

The show is free and open to the public, and offers an opportunity to not only observe the artistic process as it happens, but listen to some great original music. “Comics are a unique art from, a blending of story and pictures that’s as old as storytelling itself. This is an opportunity for folks to watch the creation of more traditional forms of art while exploring the world of comics. It’s also a rare chance to watch art being made right in the moment.”

Artists interested in participating in the Art Jam should contact Super-Fly Comics at or (937) 767-1445. There are no fees or other requirements, but space is limited. Artists may sell their artwork at the gallery showing in the evening at whatever price they wish to set, with no fee or percentage taken by the store. All canvas and paper styles of art are welcome, and artists are responsible for their own materials.

Comics Shipping Wednesday, March 24th

This week we’ve got a full range of awesome comics. First up is THE GUILD, a prequel miniseries about the web series phenomenon, written by series creator and first lady of the internet herself, Felicia Day. From the opposite end of the spectrum, the first collection of Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman’s supernatural adventure series HAUNT arrives (as well as the latest issue kicking off a new story arc). Mark Millar returns to comics to grace us with his unfettered, better than thou genius in NEMESIS, a story only he could possibly have told. The Event books from both sides of the superhero realm roll on in GREEN LANTERN and in NEW, MIGHTY and AVENGERS: INITIATIVE. The Timony Brothers Zuda-winning webcomic, NIGHT OWLS, gets its first print collection, and now that it’s with a company that will actually put out the comics it advertises, the first issue of ROBERT JORDAN’s WHEEL OF TIME comic adaptation sees the light of day. Thank you, Dynamite! The rest of this week’s haul is after the video and after the break.

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