I’d be lying if I professed not to love, by default, the works of Jim
Henson; even the posthumous ones that he never touched. It comes as
no shock, then, that having just finished Muppet King Arthur #1 I am
quite impressed. I really think all of the recent Boom Studios Muppet
books have been phenomenal and by far undeservedly under recognized.
They manage to quite succinctly capture the humor, wit, and
imagination, which delighted us all when we were younger. I feel,
however, that this one in particular really shines. These days it is
woefully rare that you encounter the kinds of verbal sparring and
vaudevillian punnery in which this book so enthusiastically engages.
Truth-be-told, none of these Muppet books hold themselves to the
rigorous standards of ‘higher literature’ which so many comics seem to
aspire towards lately, that said they are nonetheless a welcome
respite to the persistent “Event-Fatigue” thrown at us constantly by
the Big Two. These are the kinds of “popcorn literature” books that
remind me why I love comics in the first place. Very few books make
me laugh out loud; the Muppet books consistently do, however.

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