Weekend Gaming all month!

We’ve got two great sessions of gaming going on this weekend! On Saturday, January 23rd we’ll be doing open HeroScape gaming at 1pm, and on Sunday January 24th at 3:30 we’ll be running a HeroClix Tournament.

HeroScape will be an open game available to anyone who wants to play (or learn to play). You can bring some armies & factions to play or you can try out some from our friendly HeroScape regulars. We host an open game here every month, so check our back our check out our events for our next event. For more information on HeroScape: The Battle for All Time, check out this link.

The HeroClix Tournament is part of the new organized play structure. This month’s tourney is a Magnificent 7 event. 1000 points unrestricted, and you must have exactly 7 figures on your team. Prize support will be the Son of Surter LE figure and Runaways feat card.

The following two weekend, January 30th & February 6th will be the Pre-Release and Launch party (respectively) of the new Magic set WORLDWAKE. For 19.99 at each event, you’ll construct a deck out of 3 Worldwake and 3 Zendikar boosters. At each event, every player will get a foil promo card: Comet Storm at the Pre-Release and Jorga Warcaller at the Launch Party. Both events begin at 1pm.

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