Blackest Night #6 out Today, New Year’s Eve Party this Thursday

Remember folks, Blackest Night #6 may be the only comic coming out next week, but we’ll also have free stuff from Marvel, including the all-new Origins of Siege comic, Marvel 2010 Calendars and Do-It-Yourself Avengers ID cards. Not only that, but it’s the perfect time to check out some of the great comics out there that you may have overlooked. All of us here have our favorites, be they superhero, horror, crime, fantasy, science fiction or slice-of-life indy stories. It’s all here, and it’s a great chance to check out why we consider ourselves a full-service, something for everyone store.

Plus, we also have our big New Year’s Eve party this Thursday night starting at 9pm. JFX 316 has been working it out like Rocky in a training montage, so we it should be a good time. Come out, have fun, socialize with your fellow Super-Fly customers and ring in the new year in true nerd style with our Fall of the Hulk-drop at Midnight! Why party with drunk strangers when you can party with drunk comic nerds? Huh? No one can resist the appeal of drunk comic nerds.

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