Yellow Springs Zombie Walk Survivor Footage

Some of you may not be aware of the terrible tragedy & destruction that occurred in Yellow Springs this past Halloween. Survivors are referring to it as “The Yellow Springs Zombie Walk.” There are event reports that the event may repeat itself next Halloween as well.

As terrifying as that may be, those that did survive this year’s “Zombie Walk” managed to take refuge here at our store. As the survivors waited out the worst, they were at least comforted by the rocking sounds of metal band DOCTOR MEAT. As we all know, zombies are dead, which make them lame and boring, and that means they hate metal, which is the opposite of lame and boring. It has been suggested that Doctor Meat’s music was the only thing that kept Super-Fly occupants safe from the encroaching Zombie hoards. Experts have compiled the following footage from amateur video of the event. It is presented here to both entertain and enlighten.

Further video may be recovered at a later date.

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