Super-Fly Reads: BLACKEST NIGHT!

Hey there; it’s Max back again.You almost would have to be living under a rock to not have heard about Blackest Night, DC’s current “big event” book, crossing over into several titles this month. Spinning out of the successful Green Lantern books and the “Sinestro Corps” Saga of 2007, writer Geoff Johns has introduced a multitude of other colored corps besides the Green Lanterns who represent willpower: there’s yellow signifying fear; red signifying hate and rage; orange signifying greed; blue signifying hope; violet signifying love and indigo signifying compassion. These various corps have emerged over the past year and a half, and now there is a new threat: the Black Lantern Corps, which is composed of dead characters of the DC Universe brought back to life.


Some might decry this as a rip off of Marvel Zombies, but the Black Lantern characters have little in common with traditional zombies other than being reanimated decaying corpses. Black Lanterns feed off of emotions, which power their rings; instead of eating brains, they’re more interested in ripping out their victims’ hearts and making them Black Lanterns themselves. And the Black Lanterns have no problem stirring up emotions, as they are always dead characters that are related in some way to their intended victims, either as fallen friends, lovers, teammates, or even enemies—they’re bound to cause a reaction. Just about any dead character in the DC Universe you can imagine is coming back from the dead or will be soon.

At the center of the story so far are two characters who have come back from the dead, Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Flash Barry Allen. They are joined by Aquaman’s widow, Mera and Ray Palmer the Atom as they try to fight off the Black Lanterns. A member of the Indigo Corps has just revealed that all of the different colored Lantern Corps must unite to destroy the Black Lanterns, and Hal has taken off and teamed up with Sinestro and Star Saffire Carol Ferris to unite the other Corps. Without spoiling anything big, it seems the heroes’ troubles are only just beginning.

As an event, Blackest Night is massive, occuring in its own series, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and another set of three mini-series set to start in December (Blackest Night: Flash, Blackest Night: Wonder Woman and Blackest Night: Justice Society). In January, there will be a number of one shots, each representing an “additional issue” to several canceled comics, including Catwoman, Suicide Squad, The Power of Shazam, The Question and Starman to name a few. And now in November, the story is crossing over into several monthly books. It probably is a little excessive, but the story is excellent and one of the better company wide events in some time. Plus, with the crossovers this month, DC is doing something fun.

Blackest Night is definitely an ambitious crossover, but so far, writer Geoff Johns and everyone else associated with the event (Peter Tomassi, Ivan Reis, Dustin Nyugen to name a few) are doing a great job of delivering the goods in bringing about an exciting (and frightening!) event for the entirety of the DC Universe. If you want to get in on the ground floor of events leading up to Blackest Night, we keep in stock several of the Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps adventures in hardback and trade paperback that set the groundwork, from The Sinestro Corps War to Rage of the Red Lanterns and others. So if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t been reading Blackest Night, now is the the time to do it!


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