Super-Fly Reads: JONAH HEX

Hello! I’m Max, one of the new guys at Super-Fly. We’ve been planning to utilize our website to include reviews and product recommendations for some time, so I’m here to kick it off with one of my favorite (and woefully under appreciated) comics: JONAH HEX.


Now you may be saying: “Hey now, this is a Western comic, I don’t like Westerns!” But writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, along with several top notch artists, make this a book that transcends its genre and actually makes you appreciate Hex’s adventures. Mainly because Jonah Hex is such an ornery badass son of a bitch.

Jonah is a bounty hunter, and by hook or crook, he’ll get his man and his money, or everyone is going to die. Seriously. This is easily DC’s most violent, bloody non-Vertigo title. Fans of Wolverine and Punisher take note, Jonah Hex is just as vicious—if not more. Hex fights like a madman, has no friends, and no loyalties. Still, there’s a supporting cast who make infrequent appearances, which includes other DC western heroes, El Diablo and Batlash.

One of the great things about the book is that almost every issue is “done in one” with usually a different artist stepping in each issue, making it a small investment to take a chance on. There was a three part origin story done earlier in the series, and they are currently wrapping up a six part story with art by Christiano Cucina. The upcoming landmark issue #50 will feature art by Darwyn Cook, and the one issue story format will resume with that issue.

The book comes out monthly and Super-Fly plans to be carrying a couple of the trade paperbacks (so they can get me off their back!) as frequently as possible, and if we don’t have them in stock, we’re happy to special order them for you. And if you have to make a special order, remember: college students and military customers receive a 10% discount, while our file customers get a 15% discount. We’ll ship to anywhere internationally and provide free shipping for all of Ohio. With a Jonah Hex movie due in 2010 with Josh Brolin, John Malkovich and Megan Fox, now’s the time to get in on the ground floor. So give Jonah Hex a try!


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