Rock Band Tournament – This Halloween!

This Saturday is our epic Rock-Band Halloween Hoopla!
Starting at 1:00 PM (that’s local-time for all you temporal
troublemakers) this Saturday (otherwise known as HALLOWEEN), you and
all of your compatriots can form a real-live pretend band and come
party for prizes!

Here’s how it works: form yourself a posse of 3 or 4 people. These
folks will be your band-mates for the tourney. Remember, if you’ve
only got three people one of you’s gonna have to sing as well as play
an instrument (That or be prepared to lose heartily)!

Songs will be choice of the band, and progression will be ranked by
points total; so if you wanna progress, then pick a hard song and play
it good!

Prizes are as such: 3rd Place gets a $10 gift card, 2nd Place gets a
$20 card and 1st gets a whopping $30 card! (You’ll have to split your
winnings with your band-mates, so be sure to pick people you like!)

Additional prizes for Best Costume and Rockin’est Performance (that’s
right kiddo’s, style counts!) will be awarded with $20 gift cards as

What’s that mean for me, you say? Well, that means that if you’ve got
the coolest friends and the mightiest attitude and the kookiest
costumes and the twidliest fingers you could win up to $70 in gift
cards! Holler!

What do you mean there’s no entry cost?!
That’s right! We’re just that crazy!

So to reiterate: Halloween, 1:00PM, Rock Band, Friends, Prizes,
FREE!!! Be there.

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