Get ready to Howl! More Wild Wolf Panel info!

As we get ready for this weekends even with Wild Wolf Entertainment, here’s some info about our guest from Wild Wolf Managing Editor Bill Gladman:

“I thought I would break the event down in detail just a bit for those attending and those that will be there covering the meet and greet.

General Wild Wolf Entertainment books that will be available at the event will include:

Spirit of the Wolf trade paperback written and illustrated by Sean Collins. Sean will be on hand to sign copies.

The Adventures of Mr. Jigsaw- trade paperback written by Ron Fortier and illustrated by Gary Kato

Daughter of Dracula-graphic novel written by Ron Fortier and illustrated by Rob Davis

Along with the novel My First Walk.

The promo/proof copy of The Book of Noheim will be on hand. Writer Bill Gladman and cover artist Chris Metzger will be at the event to talk about the book in detail.

Spotlight on Wicked Tales, an anthology horror comic/graphic novel features 15 stories, over 130 pages worth of horror stories by some of the most impressive independent comic creators currently working in the field.

Creators attached to the book that will be in attendance Saturday will include:

Jacob Newell-artist on the story “History of Blood” a story about an university science experiment that goes horribly wrong. Original art from the story will be on display.

Bill Gladman-managing editor of Wild Wolf Entertainment comic division. Writer of A Matter of Life and Death, Tales from the Long box: Collective Soul, and Now I Burn. He is also the artist for the story The Tree.

Sean Collins-publisher, writer and artist on the narrative component of the book as well as writer of Forbidden Love a ghostly romance story and Fatal Lust a cautionary tale of a serial date rapist whose evil past deeds catch up with him. Sean’s original artwork for all these stories will at the show to check out.

Frank Raynor-writer of Dead Money. Down on his luck card shark Eddie Barton plays a game of poker for the highest of stakes.

BJay Johnson-letterer of A History of Blood-BJay is also the “faceman” for local comic studio, Studio Akumakaze. Many guest appearing also have work in books from Studio Akumakaze including Jacob Newell, Dustin Carson, and Chris Martin. These books (Scrap #1 and #2 and Cliff Hangers #1) will also be available for sale and signing at the show.

Chris Martin-artist and letterer of Dead Money. Original art work from the story will be available for viewing.

Raichal Gladman-writer of The Tree. How can a tire swing disrupt the spirit world? Original art from the story will be on display.

Chris Metzger-artist for Now I Burn (N.I.B.). Firefighter Michael Patrick has been trying to bury his past by rushing into flaming buildings in hopes of becoming a hero. But sometimes the past still catches up with you. Art from the story will be on hand.

Chad Strohl-artist of Mouthful of Spiders. A love affair turns very dark and twisted. Artwork will be at the event.

Thacher E. Cleveland-writer of Gifted. Sometimes the world that is found between life and death needs a champion. See what happens when the “Gift” is passed on to a new wielder. Artwork from the story may be at the conference.

Gary Church-artist of A Matter of Life and Death. When things go wrong for Kevin Dillion he attempts to manipulate time to put them right. Artwork will be at the conference.

Dustin Carson-writer of Burn Victim, a story of personal retribution beyond believe, and Mouthful of Spiders. Dustin is also the writer of the runaway successful independent comic book limited series No Gods. Copies of No Gods will be available for purchase and signing Saturday.

Scott Riley-artist of Tales from the Long Box: Collective Soul. A comic shop owner and his manager stumble across a long box of comics that are a dream come true, or is it a nightmare come true? Art from the story will be on hand.

Possibly in attendance:

Derron Church-finished art for A Matter of Life and Death.

Lee Johnson-artist for Gifted.

Kevin Hicks-artist for the back cover of the book.

Added Bonus:

Bill Gladman (co-creator and co-writer) and Chad Strohl (artist) will be talking about the well received web comic “New Comic Day” seen weekly on the Comic Relate website and the Main Street Comics and Games website

Remember, this Saturday the 22nd, from 2pm to 4pm, it’s your chance to meet the people behind the Wicked Tales anthology and pick up some other great Wild Wolf Entertainment books!

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